Racksterli Review: Is Racksterli Legit or Scam?

There are things to look out for before investing in any investment vehicle. Investing in platforms such as Racksterli should take careful examination.

Racksterli is one of the most popular investment platforms in Nigeria. The company has got many people talking and has been a topic of discussion for many who have been involved in it.

Many Nigerians have been involved in Ponzi schemes such as MMM (Mavrodi Mundial Movement), which has seen billions of naira being carted away. With this, people still looking for a way to 5x, 10x, etc., their money with Racksterli, another promising platform.

Nigerians today have made it a duty to research this platform after controversies surrounding it, including Nigerian celebrities and public figures.

This post is a review on the Racksterli platform, which discusses if it is legit or a scam. 

What is Racksterli?

Racksterli is a website that claims to pay people to promote products using their social media accounts. The company was founded in July 2020 by a Nigerian named Michael Chidiebere Oti.

The company serves as an advertising platform for people and advertisers. They promise a high return on investment (ROI).

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Racksterli is now promising a mouth-watering return on investment after being exposed for defrauding people in its earlier scheme.

At this point, many Nigerians dragged well-known people like Davido, Dino Melaye, William Uchemba, and Nancy Isime to influence the platform. Many people decided to put their money into the scheme when they saw celebrities such as the pop star, Davido as one of the faces of the company.

The new tactics employed by Racksterli promise a very high return on investment some minutes after putting your money into it.

The company claims to invest in real estate, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, and other investment vehicles.

Is Racksterli Scam or Legit?

Many have been asking questions about Racksterli since it came to the limelight.

Many people are looking for where to invest their money as it is a means of becoming rich and wealthy. With this in mind, there are people setting up schemes in that line, one of which is Racksterli.

To answer the question above, Racksterli is deemed fit to be a scam rather than legit due to many reasons. One of them is that it promises too much return on investment. This can be said to be a trap for people to put their money into it.

Another reason Racksterli can be said to be a scam is that they don’t have a real certification. As they’ve become an advertising firm, there’s no qualification for this.

The company is also considered a scam because of its high return on investment but not high-yield investment program.

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Is Racksterli legit or a scam?

Why are People Investing in Racksterli?

People are still looking forward to Racksterli as a platform to make money.

One of these reasons is that most people don’t do research on a money-making scheme once it’s pledged to make them rich. The fear of missing out (FOMO) has made some people put their money into such schemes without running a background check.

There are people who have been paid truly from such schemes. This is because the money taken from new members is what they use to pay earlier investors. This has made some people also put their money into it, which has ended in tears.

Racksterli has once leveraged celebrities who are influential in promoting the company. This has generated a good result as people took their faith in such celebrities/public figures to put their money into it. As it has boomeranged in the past, it is important that people are aware of this and not take it as a factor to invest in such schemes.

What You Should Do Before Investing in Any Investment Scheme

It is very important to research yourself before investing in cryptocurrency, real estate, or any money-making scheme. This should include the company or person involved in it. This will help to prevent stories that touch the heart.

Another thing is to watch out for companies/investments that promise to give a huge return on investment a few times. It’s important to note that great things take time to yield.

It is also important to note that a company with a physical address doesn’t mean it is legit. Racksterli might have a physical address, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be vacated when it crashes a billion goes into thin air.


Racksterli claims to be a company that could enrich people who put their money into its scheme. It is very important to watch out before putting your money into it in the name of investment.


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