Cryptocurrency and gift card trading has really grown in this part of the world since the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of peer-to-peer trading platforms has also increased with the number of users of these platforms.

There are several factors leading to this increase notably the poverty and unemployment rate. Many therefore look for where to trade cryptocurrency and their gift cards for profit making and earn a living.

As there are many platforms out there, it is important to know the best place to trade cryptocurrency & gift cards. Prestmit has been known by many in this region as the best digital exchange platform.

In this post, we’ll look at Prestmit as the number one crypto & digital gift card wallet in Africa. Let’s journey into the world of Prestmit and see why you can’t afford to miss out on this platform.

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What is Prestmit?

Prestmit is a digital exchange platform designed for users to trade, buy and sell digital assets as well as gift cards.

The platform is notable for its presence in Africa’s most populous nation and fast-rising nations, i.e. Nigeria and Ghana. This makes the Nigerian Naira and Ghanaian Cedis part of the payment options on the platform.

Prestmit has offered quality services to Africans which has made the number of its users increase significantly. Many of its users can attest to its quality of service and have seen it ranked high among other P2P platforms in this part of the world.

What is Prestmit Used For?

On this platform, you can trade, buy and sell cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and USDT (Tether).

Prestmit also give the best value return for your gift card assets. You can sell gift cards in Nigeria, for cedis or mobile money, for Bitcoins, or for USDT, anytime, anywhere, on Prestmit.

You can also do your airtime and data topup on this platform. These services are available by using Naira, Cedis, and Bitcoin & USDT as payment options.

In delivering quality service to its customers, the company have a mobile app. In its bid to be the best marketplace in the African content, especially in Ghana & Nigeria, the latest version of its app is equipped for a wonderful trading experience.

What are the Products Available on Prestmit?

For gift card exchanges, the products available include gift cards to naira, cedis, Bitcoins and USDT.

For crypto trading, the cryptocurrency available at market rates include Bitcoin, LitecoinUSDT and Dogecoin

Number one crypto & digital gift card wallet in Africa

Number one crypto & digital gift card wallet in Africa

Prestmit as Number One Crypto & Digital Gift Card Wallet in Africa

Prestmit is regarded as the number one crypto & digital gift card wallet in Africa due to its services. The company is based in the nation with the number one users of crypto in Africa i.e. Nigeria and Ghana, Africa’s fast-rising economy.

The Prestmit wallet are been used by over 100, 000 traders in this regions. Gift card traders as well as crypto traders on this platform has been having a wonderful trading experience. Users can get their money in the Nigerian Naira, Ghanaian cedis, and in crypto (USDT). In fact, the company has completed over 292,000 trades using its wallet and with over 98% positive reviews.

Prestmit is available 24/7, making it to access its services anytime you want. Using this platform, you get the best rate for trading-this is one of the reasons it standout in this part of the world.

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What You Need to Know About the Prestmit Wallet

Once you have a Prestmit account, you own a wallet for your activities on the platform. This is where the proceeds of every transaction goes.

When you sell on Prestmit, the payment goes to the naira wallet and it’s available for withdrawal at anytime. To buy on Prestmit, payments can be made from your Naira wallet Balance.

The Prestmit Naira wallet is easy & quick to use, secure, supports multiple crypto assets (BTC, DOGE, USDT & LTC) and its free to use. The company is trusted and reliable which makes it a place to go for all digital asset traders (crypto & gift card).

You can manually fund your wallet in naira/cedis by direct bank transfer to your virtual bank account. You can generate a virtual bank account on your Prestmit dashboard after completing the due KYC verification process.

How to Start using Prestmit’s Crypto Digital Gift Card Wallet

It is very easy to make use of the Prestmit wallet once you create an account. Instantly, you’ll get an operational naira wallet that solely belongs to you.

You can achieve this by simply following the steps below.

1. Create an account

2. Complete your KYC verification process.

3. Send & receive for your transactions.

4. Buy & sell your digital assets.

Why You Should Consider Prestmit for Crypto & Digital Gift Card Trading

1. It is Always Available

You can have access to gift cards 24/7 on Prestmit. It is available at any time you want to trade. This is very essential if you really want the best site to trade gift cards.

2. Built with Love

This platform is designed with the users in mind. The rates here are true with the market rates. Here, gift card rates are automatically updated to stay correct according to market rates.

The aim is not only to make profit, but to ensure every user has an amazing experience while using the platform.

3. Use Multiple Payment Options

You can make payment on this platform using fiat currencies and digital currencies. Nigerian Naira, Ghanaian Cedis, and Tether (USDT) are payment options on Prestmit.

4. Instant Payment

Prestmit offers instant payment on trade for its users/customers on this platform. This is one of the several reasons it used by many people.

Users count Prestmit as one of the best digital exchange platforms for its speed of transaction. The payment facility is one of the best out there, you get your payment same minute (instant).

5. Fast Transaction

You can get your transactions done on this site (web/app) quickly. The options available for payment as well as the app make your transactions quick.

Using an average of general trade trends, transactions only take minutes and payments are instant once requested.

6. Easy To Use

Prestmit is as easy as writing your name and email address. The platform offers an intuitive, beginner-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support for your trade. You can register your digital wallets in a minute on the platform.


Prestmit is known to be the number one for crypto and digital gift card wallet in Africa due to its impressive customer service. The company is based in two of Africa’s leading nations and has served many of its increasing crypto & gift card traders.

To enjoy a wonderful and awesome experience on Prestmit, you’ll need to download the Prestmit mobile app on your android play store.