The cryptocurrency market is a huge market which has seen a tremendous expansion in market valuation and trading. The market is currently valued at about $1.4 trillion, as new exciting projects continue to launch, leading to price gains of the coins, both in the short run and long run.

As these coins gain more value through a price increase, investors often speculate to know which one of them may have the most potential of becoming the biggest coin in the market. This article discusses the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2022.

Top 5 Cryptocoins Of 2022

Though there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the crypto market today, we will talk about the top 5 you can invest in this 2022.

1. Bitcoin(BTC):

As you may know, this is the king of all cryptocoins both in market capitalisation and price.

If you’re a beginner in the crypto asset space, Bitcoin could be a great place to start. Bitcoin is less volatile compared to other cryptocoins and this makes it a very attractive investment.

Bitcoin has been dangling between the pricing level of approximately $27,000 – $36,000 since the first few months of 2022 but Bitcoin price is expected to peak above $75,000 by the end of 2022, according to Bitcoin price predictions.

Ooh, you are worried that you don’t have up even a thousand dollars to buy Bitcoin? Don’t worry buddy, Bitcoin can be fractionated, meaning that you can buy a small fraction of a Bitcoin unit. So, you can get even $30 worth of Bitcoin or less.

2. Ethereum(ETH):

It is safe to say that Ethereum is the next big thing after Bitcoin. If you are seeking a good cryptocurrency to invest in, then Ethereum should be a good choice. 

Most cryptocurrencies are also built on the Ethereum blockchain, making it a strong base for investment because of the many huge projects like the metaverse executed on the blockchain. 

The price of Ether went from $10 in 2016 to about $1,942 at the time of this writing. 

It is estimated by analysts that the value of Ethereum(ETH) will grow tremendously in time to come.

Ethereum is a good investment which every crypto enthusiast should not afford to miss.

3. ApeCoin:

ApeCoin is another good cryptocurrency to invest in 2022. The coin was launched by Yuga Labs in 2022. ApeCoin was developed as a Metaverse crypto project for making online purchases via Users can also access online e-commerce platforms like Amazon, HomeDepot, and eBay, as they get a 2% discount when making purchases.

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency whose price was $6.40 when it was launched in 2022 and went up to $42 within hours of the launch.

ApeCoin is one of the best cryptos to invest in and it is predicted to have much more potential.

4. Binance Coin(BNB):

Binance Coin(BNB) is another cryptocurrency to make a priority in 2022. It is a crypto asset adopted by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. 

Binance is the largest exchange in terms of trading volumes and users and using its crypto coin BNB allows users to pay fewer commissions.

BNB is the digital token integrated into the Binance Smart Chain. The price of Binance Coin has been volatile since 2022, dropping below the $410 mark several times.

5. Uni swap(UNI):

Uniswap is yet another coin to consider one of the best crypto coins to invest in.

Uniswap hosts a popular decentralized exchange where users can buy and sell digital currencies without any third party.

Uniswap has grown to the point of having a market capitalisation above $5.70 billion as of early 2022.

Uniswap has created an online marketplace via the Uniswap network in partnership with Metaverse and NFTs in a bid to expand its business. This will make transactions between buyers and sellers decentralised.

According to Uniswap price predictions, the coin is expected to reach $18 per token in 2022. 

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode In 2022

You may still be wondering which cryptocurrency will explode in 2022, even though Bitcoin may be the obvious choice to make, it may not be the best one in 2022.

There are some factors which better define which cryptocurrency will explode in the market and if well analysed, you’ll hot your target coin and be glad you did.

Even though these big coins mentioned above all have big potential of blowing up more but your chances of reaping a good deal might be better with a smaller coin that hasn’t been pumped up by institutional investors.

However, consider the below factors before making that choice of the next cryptocurrency that will explode in 2022.

How To Know The Next Crypto To Explode In 2022

As many investors are opting to invest in the crypto market, it becomes more challenging to know the right coin with potential, given the volume of big projects. If you are looking to know the right coin or the next coin that is likely to explode, then you should start looking in the right places and at the right time.

Anyways, we have articulated the best three ways to find out the next cryptocurrencies set to explode and they are;

1. Social Media:

If you want to know the potential coins with huge projects likely to explode in the market, then social media is the right place for you, especially Twitter and Reddit.

These two platforms are best for getting updates on the performance of cryptocoins in a clear and unbiased way.

Most projects will have a dedicated subreddit for some in-depth discussion. For example, DeFi Coins has a subreddit of 5,000 members.

2. Stay Abreast Of Crypto News:

There’s no better way to stay informed than to stay updated with the current crypto news affecting the market. This will help you do a fundamental analysis of the performance of different cryptocurrencies In the market.

The crypto market is still new compared to the conventional financial market, therefore some news can alter a coin’s proven movement.

Also, the media is a powerful tool that can bring some coins into the limelight, so taking advantage of such coins which are always hyped in the media will give you an advantage as an investor before the price rises.

3. Check Out Initial Coin Offerings:

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are a way developers raise funds to further a crypto project.  Investors fund the project initially by buying the tokens issued by the development team at a low price such that they can have a good return when the project takes off.

Many of the best cryptocurrencies started through an ICO and have given multiple returns after the project launch.

So, as more attractive the ICOs are, more investors will likely push up the coin to the limelight.

However, ICOs are not regulated and different scam projects could be staged as ICOs, it is therefore advised to do good research before investing in an ICO.


The cryptocurrency market is a large, decentralized market where anything can happen. Nobody can say for sure which cryptocurrency will explode soon or later because the market is full of uncertainties, as it is decentralized. However, staying close to social media, news and checking ICOs are great ways to predict which cryptocurrency has the potential of exploding.