NairaEx is one of the top crypto exchanges in Nigeria. Investors and traders have been looking for the best platform for their deals. This has made many lookouts for the best platforms out there.

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world which has given many the opportunity to earn big with it via the opportunities presented. Nigerians are not left out as risk-takers invest in Bitcoin and other cryptos to make a fortune.

One of the top exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria is NairaEx. The fact that the exchange has the Nigerian currency’s name, ”Naira” and its services make it an ideal local Bitcoin exchange for Nigerians.

NairaEx Review

What is NairaEx?

NairaEx is a Nigerian-based Bitcoin exchange that has its headquarters in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The exchange has over 100 thousand customers and has successfully conducted over 900 thousand transactions. This has made it one of the places to visit for Nigerians regarding crypto trading.

NairaEx allows its users to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria. This could be done either by bank transfer or with a debit card.

The exchange aims to provide a fast, simple, and easy Bitcoin exchange service that is accessible to all Nigerians. NairaEx was created to serve the Nigerian local market as investors outside the shores of Nigeria can’t use the exchange.

What Does NairaEx Offer?

NairaEx offers services on its platform that is simple, fast, and easy to use as possible. The services provided are buying and selling cryptocurrencies and e-currency like perfect money.

The cryptocurrencies supported on this platform are;

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Litecoin
  4. Bitcoin Cash

The only fiat currency recognized here is the Nigerian Naira (NGN).

How To Get Started on NairaEx

To use this exchange, the first thing you need to do is to register an account and verify it. To register, you have to provide your full name and email address (you’ll have to confirm it).

To verify your account, you’ll need proof of identity e.g international passport, drivers license and any other government-issued ID card. NairaEx also requires a picture of you holding your proof of identity.

Why Choose NairaEx for Crypto Trading?

Here are some reasons crypto traders and investors opt for NairaEx;

  1. Security: NairaEx has a robust and fortified security architecture behind the platform. You can fund and withdraw on the platform into any Nigerian bank.
  2. The volume of Trade: Since the exchange was founded in 2015, it has handled a large volume of trade since its inception and maintains a clean record.
  3. Easy To Use: Keeping ease of use in mind at every step, NairaEx has simplified the way a beginner deals with cryptocurrency and the Nigerian crypto exchange market. Individuals can purchase Bitcoin quite easily using their debit cards.
  4. Fast Service: You can expect to send your money or withdraw as soon as possible on this platform. Through services like same-day withdrawal and transfers, the platform has been able to become a reliable choice for users.
  5. Benefits for Users: NairaEx has streamlined the process of interchanging crypto assets with the national currency, the Nigerian Naira. Users also get referral bonuses for bringing new users to the platform.

Is NairaEx Safe For Crypto Trading?

Although no exchange can be said to be considered safe as cryptocurrency itself is considered ”risky”, NairaEx is considered to be secure.

The fact that many have used this exchange over time and they’ve delivered makes it a trusted exchange for crypto deals.

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