The mobile industry has grown more prominent by the day as many platforms take the trail of the new world order where every telecom and utility need can be facilitated online.

In Nigeria today, you can comfortably pay all your utility bills and facilitate telecom transactions from your bedroom thanks to these mobile online platforms.

Modelc is a popular online platform in this industry where users can conveniently pay varieties of utility bills like electric token purchases, buy data subscriptions, sell airtime to cash, buy airtime, Cable TV etc.

In this article, we will overview the Modelc platform’s products and services, pricing system, and pros and cons of using Modelc.

Modelc Logo

An Overview Of Modelc

Modelc is a Nigerian mobile payment or telecommunication company that provides various products and services to satisfy the daily telecom needs of individuals, businesses and corporate bodies. The company operates online but has an offline business at 8, Off Gtbank, Alabata Road, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The products and services offered by Modelc include airtime and data top-ups, airtime to cash, various utility bill payment like electricity bill payments, bulk SMS services, and investments. 

However, the prices of these products and services are not the same for every customer. Discounts are given according to the type of membership subscription of a customer.

Similar platforms like Prestmit offers a unique and general price on their products and services. If you are not interested in the Modelc pricing system, you can use the Prestmit platform to buy airtime and data, sell airtime for cash, pay utility bills, sell gift cards and Bitcoins, pay cable TV and fund betting accounts.

Our research on investments as one of the services provided by the Modelc platform shows that users can buy a website named a “reseller’s website” and make affiliated profits from sales on their website.

Don’t get it twisted. The user’s website has the same features as the original Modelc website but a different homepage and dashboard, which the user will manage from the admin page. Every user’s website is connected to the main Modelc website, so sales made by each Merchant are automatically recorded on the main site, and their commission is paid.

One exciting thing about this platform is that it seems to be a perfect investment pathway where money can work for you even as you sleep. 

Customer Experiences About Modelc

You will agree that one way to judge the products and services of a platform you are sure about is to read reviews from other customers who have used such media.

From our findings, several customers have many positive and negative things to say about the Modelc platform. We believe their reviews were based on their individual experiences on the platform.

For example, one Jaja Opobo said on the Modelc website, “They have terrible customer support. I did an Airtime exchange, it’s been more than 24hrs, and my wallet has not been funded. I contacted them by telegram, and I got each response at 3 hrs intervals. So terrible”

Another Oluwayemi James, Director of Data Consolate, said, “Modelc is an amazing platform solving multiple problems with creative innovation and spirit of consistency that makes them never to quit when the likes are quitting. They have done everything extremely well.”

There are more positive and negative customer reviews, which we can’t cite in this article. However, every customer cannot be satisfied with a product or service. So you will give the best review when you use the platform yourself.

Product Pricing And Value For Money

One major factor you should consider before choosing any telecom platform is its pricing structure and the value you can get for your money.

Modelc argues that it offers cheap products and services to its users compared to other platforms. However, there is something I need you to understand.

Modelc truly offers these products and services at cheap rates through discounts.

For example, a user can get up to 50% discount on products like data and airtime top-ups, electricity bills, etc.

Registration on the platform is free, but users can upgrade their membership from customer level(free) to either Agent level or Merchant level.

Suppose a user wishes to upgrade to a higher-level membership. In that case, such a user will pay a token of #750 for the Agent level, which gives up to a 25% discount on transactions or pays #1500 for the Merchant level, which promises a discount of 50% on transactions. Users at the customer level(free) will get a 5% discount on their trades.

Pricing of products and services like airtime on Moldec depends on your level on the platform. While users on the Merchant level get lower prices, users on the customer level pay higher. 

Pros And Cons Of Modelc

There is a famous saying that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. No matter how good it may look, there will always be a tradeoff. 

One advantage of using Modelc is access to cheap products and services as a Merchant user. Subscribing to the Merchant package on Modelc gives you access to reduced rates on services and products by up to 50%.

You need no experience in web administration or web design to start. You only need to sell Modelc products and services on your site and get paid. Also, you can use this platform to earn passive income by buying the reseller’s website.

According to some customer reviews, the platform is also fast in processing transactions so that you won’t be delayed unnecessarily.

On the contrary, even though the pricing system may favour Merchant users who get the most significant discount, this pricing pattern is not uniform compared to platforms like Prestmit. This will confuse some customers who are oblivious to this pricing. 

According to several reviews, the customer support of this platform is not excellent. Some customers have complained about late responses and the carefree nature of the customer support agents. 


Modelc has continued to make lives easier by providing telecom products and services to the grassroots at cheap rates. 

It also offers investment opportunities for users who wish to make passive income through its reseller’s website.

We can’t say that Modelc is the best platform to carry out your financial and telecom transactions, but there is no strong reason to suggest that the platform is not legit.

The ball is in your court as a user. You should research this platform and not just rely on what you have read here.