Many industries, including fashion and textiles, have been touched by the great influence of the metaverse. It has recently been seen that various fashion businesses have invested in virtual advertising and exhibitions.

We will take a look at some of them in this article, so you will have all the information you need about this exciting new development and its effects on the fashion business, as demonstrated by a few select firms.

List Of Fashion Brands In The Metaverse

1. Gucci

There is no better place to shop for designer accessories and clothing than Gucci. Founded in 1921 by Guccio Cucci, it opened its first location in Tuscany the following year. The company’s current headquarters are located in Florence, a city in Tuscany. The House of Gucci is a well-known fashion brand that is worn by celebrities and the super-wealthy alike.

It just established the Gucci Vault Discord, which is designed to drive and foster open dialogue on the metaverse’s future Some speculate that the brand may use this server to host its creative area, allowing the past, present, and future to cohabit together. In addition, the vault will give Gucgi’s creatives the opportunity to explore new digital areas and assist in the filtration of some of the House’s vintage items and top designers. the

Gucci has now become a member of Superplastic, a company recognized for its unique vinyl toys and collectibles. Introducing SuperGucci, a new line of magnificent and one-of-kind CryptoJanky NFTs and ceramic works. Brand-specific motifs and symbols are heavily used in these NFTs. We estimate that the first collection will arrive in early February.

Avatars of Gucci purses, caps, and sunglasses were created for Roblox, one of the most popular gaming platforms, in 2021. Fans and gamers could purchase memorabilia and a slew of unique Gucci accessories during a two-week event dubbed “the Gucci Garden.” To everyone’s surprise, this demonstrated just how vast the metaverse is and how much of an impact it has on various sectors of society.

2. Balenciaga

You have either heard of or read about Balenciaga. You may have seen Kanye West’s enormous crocodiles, which he sported everywhere in 2021. They’re from Balenciaga, of course. This venerable French design firm, like the others previously named, has gained notoriety and a devoted following among the world’s most ardent fashion devotees. After being founded in 1917 by Cristobal Balenciaga, the company has gone on to be a huge success, even earning the title of “the master of us all” from Christian Dior.

As a result, Balenciaga’s decision to step into the metaverse, which continues to fascinate everyone, was no surprise. As a result of Fortnite’s VR concerts, it became the first fashion label to team up with the popular video game. Balenciaga’s creative director seems to have a lot of fresh ideas, therefore the fashion house came up with four unique skins and accessories for avatars from its extensive range. Doggo, the Balenciaga-clad digital avatar, was created as a result of this collaboration.

3. Burberry

Burberry was established in 1970 and has since become a household name in the world of high fashion. Check design makes it easy to identify and distinguish from other products Those that wear Burberry products are viewed as classy and fashionable, which may be why the brand is so popular. Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Nike, and Gucci have joined forces to explore the metaverse, or as it is referred to by most big tech entrepreneurs, the internet’s future.

This brand’s metaverse entry is a mystery. According to the luxury mansions we’ve evaluated, the metaverse access point is usually through online games, as you can see. Burberry’s first NFT is called Blankos Block Party, which was created in partnership with Mythical Games. Thus was born the concept of “Blanks,” or virtual vinyl toys, for any game collector who has an appreciation for the metaverse.

For the first time, the NFTs were made available for purchase and trading in a multiplayer game. Several modes and levels are available for players to try out a variety of tasks and difficulties. TB Summer has also released a limited edition NFT called Shar B, which looks like a shark with the TB Summer insignia. The game has been included on a list of the finest massively multiplayer online games to try out in 2021.

4. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a big name in the world of luxury fashion. Originally known as Louis Vuitton Malletier, this is an age-long fashion house that has continuously reinvented itself, offering excellent items to its consumer base and adjusting to its needs. Any fashion enthusiast can identify a Louis Vuitton purse without looking at the emblem.

Like Gucci, Louis Vuitton is also strongly interested in the metaverse and has embraced it heavily. A highlight of Louis Vuitton’s entry into the metaverse, as part of its 200th anniversary of existence, was the launch of a mobile game known as Louis the Game.

This isn’t your normal smartphone game, Louis, so be aware of that. Vivienne, the woman behind Louis Vuitton, is profiled in this book, which has 30 non-fiction text passages. These tokens are not available to the general public, but rather are part of the game’s collection. It was founded in conjunction with Beeple, a well-known and highly regarded NFT artist. It features an art collage worth an estimated $69.3 million, which shows how much the fashion industry has invested in the metaverse.

5. Nike

Nike, with its iconic tick logo and catchphrase “Just Do It,” is a must-mention. Many apparels and fashion goods are produced and sold by this giant organization, which has a firm hold on design, production, development, and marketing. Based in Oregon, Nike sells a wide range of products such as shoes; apparel; accessories; and various other types of equipment.

Nike has a product for you if you’re a sneakerhead interested in the metaverse. Recently, it released various magnificent items for sale, however, they cannot be worn in real life due to their delicate nature. Why? As part of Nike’s acquisition of sneaker business RTKFT, these virtual tokens were produced.

By collaborating with crypto artist Fewocious in 2021 to sell 600 pairs of shoes as NFTs, RTKFT amassed 3.1 million dollars in less than seven minutes, the company was created as early as 2020 and has already shown amazing results. Since joining Nike, the company has earned a lot of attention and popularity.

6. Givenchy

Givenchy is considered one of the fashion toasts of hip-hop musicians. This is a high-end luxury fashion house that is well-known for the quality of its clothing and fragrances. Hubert de Givenchy, a well-known fashion designer, launched it as a division of LMVH in 1952. It’s worth noting that Louis Vuitton and Dior are owned by the parent business of the latter.

In the race for metaverse representation by fashion companies and corporations, Givenchy hasn’t been left behind. Earlier this year, the fashion brand announced an auction on Polygon for 15 non-fungible tokens it had created in collaboration with renowned graphic artist Chito. The company made its first virtual world profit during this seven-day simulated auction. Virtual reality was introduced classically with this game.

As part of the Aura Blockchain Consortium, a group of luxury brands, including LVMH, were contacted to build smart contracts for the sale. The majority of their processes are powered by blockchain technology. Givenchy’s charitable partner, The Ocean Cleanup, was chosen to receive the proceeds from the sale of the items.

Therefore, Givenchy successfully launched NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. By developing non-fungible tokens, or investing in blockchain-powered gaming enterprises, there is optimism that other fashion brands will key into the innovation that is taking over the world. Fashion houses can benefit from the metaverse, as Givenchy and Louis Vuitton have demonstrated.

7. Dolce And Gabbana

Popular for its D & G emblem, Dolce and Gabbana is a well-known high-end Italian fashion house with a wide range of products. Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce launched the company in 1985. Since its founding less than four decades ago, the company has served several high-profile celebrities and fashion fans from around the world.

While other fashion houses have jumped on the metaverse bandwagon, Dolce & Gabbana hasn’t forgotten about it. In their FW2021 collection, Collezione Genesis presented on the Venice catwalk on August 28th, the fashion company made their largest crypto play yet. Conde Nast affiliate UNXD has shown a tremendous deal of interest in the NFT and Web 3 space, therefore Dolce and Gabbana cooperated with them.

The collection is one-of-a-kind because it is attributed to Venice, a key site for the fashion house. However, it is worth noting that, in June of this year, the platform debuted NFT sneakers in conjunction with P.J. Tucker. The collection’s NFTs were sold via Ethereum on the Matic or Polygon platform for a profit.


The metaverse, a platform that has helped luxury fashion firms grow their sales and popularity, is now attracting luxury fashion brands. Overstocking due to an abundance of stuff is not a problem in this virtual environment. Brands can also earn from reviving out-of-date styles, known as “vintage,” and reselling them at a profit.