As humans, our community is very important in our growth processes. As we cohabit and interact with people around us, the projects in our hands become easier and we get them involved somehow in what we do.

The crypto community is nothing short of this, it is a gathering of people coming together to achieve a goal[s]. Just as it is seen with the community of social insects that join together to build a colony in an organized way.

A crypto community is where a project is being nurtured/raised before it is launched for a larger community to see. Bitcoin was initially understood by a small group of people [community members] who recognized its potential to be an alternative to the traditional financial system.

Many projects are being created daily today which have their community members. The success of the project also depends on several factors which include what it aims to solve in the larger community [world].

In this post, we’ll understand the concept of a crypto community, its importance, and hgooow to build one. Let’s get to work like social insects to achieve a common goal of learning in this regard.

What is a Crypto Community?

A crypto community can be described as a group of individuals with a shared interest in cryptocurrency investing. These groups of individuals meet at a place majorly on social media platforms to share news, ideas, opinions or ask questions.

Since cryptocurrencies are a bit complex, members who are investors use this community to learn more about them. The members of the community are always part of its governing system. They make decisions either by voting, unanimously, or as the case may be.

Social media platforms such as Reddit, Discord, WhatsApp, Twitter, Medium, and so on are where these community members meet. The two-way conversations that crypto communities facilitate have played a significant role in the success of the technology.

Why are Crypto Communities Important?

A crypto community plays an important role in the success of a crypto project. There have been several drawbacks of the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies some of which can be tackled when people unite to share ideas, and opinions, and ask questions about it.

A crypto group helps members to know the direction a project is moving, what it is driving at, and how to achieve it. Crypto projects are meant to solve a problem as seen with bitcoin which is meant to be an alternative to the traditional financial system. Its small group has since become a larger entity when it became a success.

A crypto community is beneficial to crypto beginners, investors, and its creators just as it is for the social insect caste mentioned earlier. A crypto group plays a central role in ensuring the success of your blockchain start-up. It can also decide the mortality rate of crypto projects.

Benefits of Crypto Communities

Here are some of the things you can benefit from joining a crypto group.

1. Effective Communication

Crypto communities allow crypto beginners and investors to share ideas and stay updated about the project and the industry. People can get answers to the question bothering their minds and also go about crypto activities when properly guided. Information that is being communicated in the group will help against falling for crypto scams and so on.

2. Available to Money Making Opportunities

Your presence in a crypto group will make you open to several ways to earn. Opportunities also emerge from networking when people join the community. Members of a crypto community can get to know about some other new projects, products, and services.

3. Sense of Belonging

Members of a crypto community have a say about the project. Some can go as far as making decisions with their ideas. The success of such projects is also for the community members that have brainstormed to make it possible. Such groups also allow interaction with a variety of like-minded individuals—newcomers, traders, and platform owners.

How to Build a Crypto Community

Several projects are being launched today and out of which over twenty thousand have been listed in the crypto market. Some failed even before making it to that stage while others didn’t last. If you are building a blockchain of your own, here are things to know about building its community.

1. Have a Unique Story

Bitcoin is an example of a project that has a good story to tell. . The story should be interesting to arouse the interest of new and old society members. Not only interesting but solving a particular problem with which you can inform others.

2. Use Social Media to Grow Your Crypto Community

Social media is where you actualize your marketing strategy. Social media platforms are an avenue to create and grow your biggest crypto communities. Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Discord, and Reddit, are some of the major platforms you can use to preach your ‘crypto project’ gospel.

3. Get Members Engaged

You need to keep your platform active by sharing information, ideas, airdrops, meme contests, giveaways, and so on. With this, you can also grow your community of like-minds.

4. Hire Professionals to Help You

You can involve those who have done this before, I mean reach out to professionals in the industry. There are also multiple agencies to help you in creating your group.

5. Measure Community Growth

There are tools you can use to determine whether you’re meeting your key metrics via your community. It is not just about doing it, you have to keep up on what is been done. Google Analytics and segment are top on the list of tools you could use in this regard.


Crypto community is a gathering of like-minds who come together for the sake of crypto projects. Crypto beginners, investors, and creators of blockchain projects have a lot to gain from this group when properly run. Reddit, Discord, Twitter, and other social media platforms are the happening place for crypto members.