Like Bitcoin, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become famous overnight due to growing popularity. NFTs come in many styles, from pixelated punks to bored apes, and there are many places to buy them.

NFT owners can access several online markets and exhibition locations to showcase and advertise their creations, including Rarible. Rarible also enables creators to enter the world of digital art immediately by producing their original digital artworks. It gives creators a fantastic opportunity to make a name for themselves, expand their audience, build relationships with potential customers, and maintain complete ownership rights over the artistic works they produce.

What Are NFTs?

What are NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets on a blockchain with different identifying codes and metadata.

They are not comparable to cryptocurrencies in terms of trading or exchanging. In contrast, due to their similarity in appearance, fungible tokens like cryptocurrencies can be used as a medium of exchange.

NFTs are useful in a vast range of different applications. They can be used, for example, to depict real estate or works of art digitally. NFTs, based on blockchain technology, can also be used to maintain identities or link artists with their audiences directly. Thanks to NFTs, transactions are streamlined without intermediaries, creating new markets.

What Is Rarible NFT?

Rarible NFT Marketplace

Rarible is a blockchain-based platform that was launched on Ethereum. It enables users to produce, trade, and acquire non-fungible tokens denoting ownership rights to digital works of art. The Rarible NFT Marketplace was established in 2019 by founders Alexei Falin, Ilya Komolkin and Alexander Salnikov. With 1.6 million clients, the Los Angeles-based business has a $274 million market valuation.

NFTs are unique crypto assets that substitute expensive and rare items like collectables and art. Rarible uses two different NFT token standards, ERC-721 and ERC-1155, to make it easier to produce both one-of-a-kind items and limited-edition runs.

One of Rarible’s most distinguishing features is that anyone can create an NFT project. Anyone with a creative concept and the requisite expertise can “mint” their own NFTs and make them accessible to investors and investors since it enables users to access three blockchains. Some NFT artists can offer their works for free upfront by charging the buyer the cost of NFT minting.

Although the Rarible NFT platform was initially controlled centrally, its creators hope to transfer it soon to a DAO operated by the community.

The critical component of RARI’s plan for achieving this objective is the RARI governance token, which allows users to decide the platform’s operation. The Flow blockchain from Dapper Labs is designed to host applications and support quick transactions, and Rarible announced that it would build a marketplace using the Flow blockchain in 2021.

Features Of Rarible NFT Marketplace

1. NFT Minting

Artists or creators can use Rarible to mint their NFTs. If you mint NFTs, you won’t ever need to sell them because you can keep them on the platform. Rarible charges two fees when stamping an NFT for the first time: one to allow communication between your wallet and Rarible and the other to actually “call the mint function.”

2. Creator Ownership

With the help of Rarible, creators can earn directly from the sale of their works and retain complete ownership of their intellectual property.

3. NFT Royalties

When you sell NFTs you made, you can get NFT royalties on your sales on the Rarible art marketplace. It implies that you may be eligible to receive a portion of the sale price not only when you sell your NFT but also, possibly, on subsequent sales by third parties.

4. Multi-trading And Management

You can access and manage your NFTs on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, and sell them for other cryptocurrencies using Rarible.

Can Bitcoin Be Used To Buy NFT?

When used with digital media and ownership, NFTs can be an authentication method. NFTs are non-fungible due to their values, which prevents them from being regular cryptocurrencies.

You can use the same digital wallets to hold both cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and NFTs; only the latter is helpful to buy the former. Most NFT holders are cryptocurrency investors because NFT values are in cryptocurrency units. So, just like other cryptocurrencies, you can use Bitcoin to buy and sell NFTs.

How To Use Bitcoin On Rarible NFT

How to use Bitcoin to buy Rarible NFT

1. Add a Cryptocurrency to your Wallet

You’ll need to have some cryptocurrency in your wallet to buy a Rare NFT. Examples of usable cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin and Ethereum.

2. Open Rarible

Navigate to the Rarible website to access the Rarible protocol. Select “Connect wallet” in the top right corner of the website’s home page.

3. Connect to the Exodus Wallet

The platform will display to you the preferred wallet of choice. If you have made the necessary configuration changes, clicking the “Metamask” button will launch the Exodus browser wallet if your wallet is to “prioritise Exodus.”

Go to the menu and choose “Connect” once the Exodus wallet has opened. After that, Exodus will ask you to sign the document connecting to Rarible. Select “Sign” to enter your signature.

4. Provide your Details

After that, a prompt to enter personal data like your name and email address will appear. Then, select “Finish sign-up” to finish the procedure.

5. Select the NFT you want to buy

You can now start searching the Rarible market for an NFT. The user has the choice to browse a collection of well-liked NFTs or conduct a search for a specific performer.

By selecting the “Buy now” button, you can purchase an NFT if you like it. The purchase’s specifications will show up in a new window. Select the button to continue the payment process.

6. Buy your Rarible NFT of choice

Select “Approve” in the Exodus pop-up window to complete the transaction. Despite network congestion, the NFT should soon be in your wallet.


Trading NFTs can appear to be a lot of labor, particularly for novice users. As a result, it is advisable to acquire and sell NFTs using well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Furthermore, purchasing NFTs is relatively easy, even for first-time users, because of services like Rarible.