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How To Trade Amazon Gift Card For Nigerian Naira 2022

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, selling about 2.2 million different products per day. A lot of people all around the world has placed the Amazon store as their first priority whenever they need a product or service. 

Generally, on Amazon, all payments for goods and services are done with the use of bank debit or credit cards, but with advancement and innovation in tech, gift cards have become a great tool in the hands of many big businesses like Amazon.

Even though Amazon Gift Cards are meant for purchasing items and trading gifts on the Amazon store, it is not limited to just buying and using on Amazon store. You can actually exchange these gift cards for cash in Naira. 

Therefore, you can exchange your gift cards for cash if you live in Nigeria.  Many people nowadays choose to trade gift cards for cash. There are various sorts of gift cards that can be exchanged for cash though and they are; Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Sephora gift cards, and a variety of others. If you have any Amazon gift cards, now is the time to transform them into cash.

If you want to convert your Amazon gift cards into Naira, it’s simple to do in Nigeria. This article will highlight the full details of how to trade Amazon Gift Card For Naira and the best platform to do that.

What Is An Amazon Gift Card And its Uses?

An Amazon Gift Card is a card that comes preloaded with a specific amount of money that can be used to buy anything on Amazon. The buyer can use their Amazon gift card to shop at Amazon and other Amazon-branded stores. There are three varieties of Amazon gift cards: Amazon e-gift cards, Amazon print at home gift cards, and Amazon physical gift cards.

  • Amazon e-Gift Cards: Normally, this type of gift card is provided as a code by Amazon via email delivery. It takes less than 5 minutes to be delivered to the email address.
  • Print-at-home Amazon Gift Cards: After you confirm the amount and payment, you will receive an Amazon Gift Card in PDF format. It can be printed at home and customized to your liking.
  • Amazon Physical Gift Cards: They are the most common kind of Amazon gift card. After you’ve picked your package and design, it’ll be delivered to your shipping address.

The Amazon gift card is primarily used to purchase Amazon products and services. The truth is that we could never complete a list of all the products and services you can purchase with your Amazon gift cards. So, where do we begin? Appliances, gadgets, clothing, literature, and so on.

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Customers can use Amazon gift cards to purchase a variety of things from the Amazon store.

Gift Cards from Amazon can also be offered as gifts. Rather than giving a physical gift, many people opt to buy gift cards for their loved ones. When they trade the gift card on Amazon, they will be able to buy the present of their choice.

How To Exchange Amazon Gift Card For Naira 2022

Of course, you don’t have to use your entire Amazon Gift Card balance on Amazon. You may decide to exchange your Amazon Gift Card for Naira, which you may spend elsewhere. Prestmit is the only platform that can give you the maximum value for your Amazon gift card by offering high rates to both web page and app users.

Follow the steps below to see how you can exchange your Amazon Gift Card for Naira on Prestmit; 

  1. First and foremost, create an account and log in 
  2. Click on “Start Trade”
  3. Select ” Sell Gift Card” and simply scroll down the page to fill in the gift card details.
  4. Select “Gift Card Category” and select Amazon Gift Card.
  5. Select “Gift Card Type”: This is where you will further specify the type of Amazon gift card you want to sell. For example, USA Amazon physical (100-above). This means that the Amazon gift card was purchased in the USA and is a physical card that ranges from $100 and above.
  6. Select “AMOUNT”: Enter the total amount of gift cards you want to sell. If you are selling a $20 Amazon gift card in 10 pieces, it means the total amount is 200. The price of the Amazon gift card in your chosen currency (Naira)will be automatically displayed when you enter the amount. This is calculated by an automated rate calculator according to the current rates.
  7. Upload File: This field is meant for uploading pictures of Amazon gift cards.
  8.  Select “PAYOUT METHOD”: Since you are trading Amazon gift cards for cash, just select Naira.
  9. Add ” Comment“: Add any more information here, especially the codes of the Amazon Gift Card in E-codes format. SEND DIRECTLY: Tick the checkbox that reads “Send Directly To My Bank Account” if you want the money to be sent to your bank account directly. Also, remember to select your preferred bank and bank details.
  10. Finally, click “APPLY” and payment is done instead.

Why Choose Prestmit For Selling Your Amazon Gift Card For Naira?

Prestmit is an outstanding app for trading all forms of digital assets like crypto and gift cards and getting the maximum satisfaction from your assets. This platform offers a very good rate for all digital assets both in Nigeria and Ghana. It is available as a web version and an app, for Android and Apple users alike. There are many reasons that makes the Prestmit app a very beautiful and attractive platform for this business and they are;

  1. Best Rates: Have you been looking for a platform that values your asset by offering a good rate? Prestmit offers the most competitive rates in the gift card market. The gift card rate calculator is an automated feature of the Prestmit app. You can use it to keep track of the current rate of numerous gift cards in Naira, Cedis, USDT and Bitcoin.
  2. Instant Payment: Payment for successfully traded assets on Prestmit is instant. Prestmit allows users to request a withdrawal and receive funds in less than five minutes. When it comes to gift card trading, Prestmit is resourceful. Even if the gift cards are used abroad, you can sell a large number of them.
  3. Good User Experience and Interface: The Prestmit app has a user-friendly nature, it is quite easy to navigate and trade with. You do not need to browse the app’s manual before you can start trading.
  4. Live Chat: All complaints and reviews aired on the live chat feature of the app are swiftly taken care of by the customer service representatives.  Have an issue with your trade? Just hit the live chat button and get it over with.
  5. Security: Many people are more conscious of their security than anything because nobody wants to trade on an app that gives scammers and other cybercriminals access to their personal information. Prestmit is imbued with a cyber-security mechanism that can survive any attack.
  6. Multiple Payment Options: Prestmit does not restrict Gift Card traders to accepting only one type of payment. Prestmit app users can be paid for their Gift Cards with cash transfers (Naira and Cedis), Bitcoin, or USDT.


You can see that nothing is wasted in the universe, so you can still get value for your Amazon Gift Card even when you don’t want to buy from Amazon.

This article has explained in details, how you can trade your Amazon Gift Card for Naira successfully and the best platform to carry out this business.

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