tether in ghana

A cryptocurrency is a safe form of saving or doubling your money. Every now and then though one might need to sell for cash for different reasons. In this post, we will be looking at how to sell Tether in Ghana. Before we dive into understanding the conversion of Tether to cash let us look at a few facts about it.

What is Tether (USDT)?

Also known as USDT, Tether is a type of cryptocurrency that is valued by the price of Dollar. This is because the stablecoin is always equal to $1. This means that whenever the value of the dollar rises in the exchange market, Tether will go up too.

Other Facts You Should Know Before You Sell Tether in Ghana

Here are a few more facts about Tether.

  1. By October 2021 it became the 5th Largest cryptocurrency according to market capitalization.
  2. It is blockchain-based.
  3. The fact that it is a stablecoin makes the value the same.
  4. Fiat currencies like Dollars, Japanese Yen and Euros control the amount of Tether tokens in circulation.
  5. It was developed by BitFnex.

If you have acquired some Tether tokens you more or less have Dollars in your wallet. Now that the value of your Tether has been established, let us now figure out how to sell.

Steps to Follow if You want to Sell Tether in Ghana

The first step to take is to create an account on a Tether trading platform. If you are looking for a safe and easy to use platform, look no further than Prestmit.

  1. After creating an account go to the trade page and click on “SELL USDT”,
  2. Send the Tether to any of the addresses that will be provided for you.
  3. Make sure you take a screenshot of the transaction because you will have to submit it.
  4. Now you wait, your wallet will be credited in a couple of minutes.

As simple as ABC, so what are you waiting for? Log on to the trading app and change your Dollar equivalent to cash.