Sell itunes gift cardsThere are different digital items one can use an iTunes gift card to redeem if you are in Ghana. These items include books, apps, games, songs etc. What has never been possible is to redeem on the App and iTunes store is cash? Only if there was a way to sell iTunes gift cards for cash in Ghana.

An iTunes gift card is a prepaid card that is used to pay for items on the iPhone App Store and iTunes store. They can’t be used on any other platform, which limits the use of the card. So it is important to have a plan B when you do not want to redeem the card. It is also advised to check the selling rate of your iTunes gift card before trading. 

How To Check Your iTunes Gift Card Rates

iTunes gift cards are amongst the highest rated gift cards when it comes to price. So it is only right to make sure the trading platform isn’t buying your card at a low price. The only way to make sure that doesn’t happen is by using a Rate Calculator.

What is a Rate Calculator?

A rate calculator is an automated application that calculates the rates of any gift card. Gift card trading platforms should have one as that’s the only way to know what rate they buy for. It also allows you to compare rates between platforms so you can pick the best.

How To Sell iTunes Gift Cards in Ghana

Are you in Ghana and stuck with iTunes gift cards that you do not want to use? You are in luck as we will help you decipher how to sell the Apple brand of gift card for Cedis.

To sell your iTunes gift card you will need to create an account on a secure and easy to use like that buys at high rates.

How To Sell iTunes Gift Cards on Prestmit in Ghana

Trading iTunes gift cards on Prestmit is as easy as ABC. Follow these simple steps to trade your iTunes gift cards on the Prestmit platform:

  • Create an account on
  • Log into the account.
  • Click on “START TRADE”
  • Fill in your iTunes gift card/bank details.
  • Pick Cedis as your payment method.
  • Wait for confirmation, then you will receive payment.

Simple and straightforward, the entire process takes a couple of minutes and sells at the highest rates in the market. So get out that iTunes gift card and start trading.