sell gift cardThere were times when cash transfers took days to deliver. But times have changed and so has the speed of cash transfers. Now people can send money online and it will be delivered on the same day. Innovators did not stop at increasing the speed of cash transfers; they also made it possible to sell gift cards for cash and get paid on the same day. 

Gift cards are prepaid cards that are used to redeem items from the platforms that accept them. They were not made to redeem cash but due to the fact that they are not always useful to the receivers, gift card exchange companies had to provide a solution. 

Selling your gift cards on the right platform can be pocket friendly. This is why we have created a list of features you should see on a good gift card trade platform.

Features of a Good Gift Card Trade Platform 

1. It Should be User Friendly

When a gift card exchange platform is easy to use it shows it was built with the users in mind. This is exactly how you know you are in the right place. 

2. A Good Gift Card Trading Platform Should have a Rate Calculator

Before you trade on any platform you need to know what rates they sell for. I mean this is a no brainer. So a platform without a rate calculator is a no-no. 

Oh, my bad, a rate calculator is an automated calculator on platforms that help you know the rates each gift card sells for. 

3. High Rates: This is Why You Sell Gift Cards

This is one of the most important aspects of trading on a platform. You are selling to get the best value out of your card so why sell for low rates? This is why you must always use the rate calculator on each platform to check for the one that sells at the highest rates.

4. Instant Payment When You Trade Your Gift Cards

You do not want to trade on a platform that would take you 10 years back so endeavour to trade on a platform that pays in minutes.

5. Responsive Customer Service

In case there is a glitch in the system, you need to talk to someone from the company to assist you. This is why it’s important for a platform to have a responsive customer support system.

How To Sell Gift Cards For Cash On The Same Day

Research shows that one-third of the people that receive gift cards end up not using them. If you fall in this bracket it means this is for you.

To sell gift cards for instant cash all you need is a gift card trading platform. Here is a step by step guide on how to sell gift cards online using the Prestmit platform which has all the attributes of a good platform:

  1. Long on to
  2. Create an account.
  3. Log into your account.
  4. Click on “START TRADE”.
  5. Fill in the details you need to fill in. These details will include your gift card numbers.
  6. Wait for confirmation, which takes only 5 minutes. After that, you get paid.

Now you know that trading gift cards are simple and fast especially if you are on the right platform. The ball is in your court and your money is on the