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How To Sell Gift Cards For Bitcoins instantly in 2022

Gift cards for bitcoin It’s 2022 and the world has achieved a world in the digital currency industry. The leading currency in this field by far still remains the premier cryptocurrency, bitcoins. Even though there were downtimes, bitcoin has been on a steady rise since it was created in 2009. The future of worldwide currencies seem to be going digital and bitcoin has been positioned to be the front runner. No wonder everybody craves a bite of Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention. In some countries, you can buy bitcoins from specialized ATMs. While in other countries, people depend solely on P2P crypto exchanges and gift cards. Our main focus is on understanding the in and out of selling gift cards for bitcoins.

buy bitcoin with gift cards

Gift cards are prepaid cards used for payments instead of cash. They are designed to make the art of gift-giving more accurate. Because it allows the receiver to buy exactly what they want. Thanks to Gift card exchange platforms, people can now use these cards to buy bitcoins at high rates. There are a few things to note before trading for bitcoins and checking the gift card’s balance tops that list.

How To Check Your Gift Card Balance

You can check your gift card balance online or offline. Most people will prefer checking it online due to the convenience. However, some gift card balances can not be accessed online. 

How To Check Gift Card Balance Online before Selling For Bitcoins

If you have a physical card Turn to the back of the gift card and check for the company’s website. Log on to the company’s website and look for where you can check your card balance. You will be asked to fill in your card number and a few other card details. Be careful not to fill in your card details on a scam site. Thi

How To Check Your Gift Card Balance Offline

To check your gift card balance offline you can call the customer service line at the back of the card. The customer service agent will help you know your balance.

How To Sell Your Gift Cards For Bitcoin

You need a crypto/gift card exchange platform to convert gift cards to bitcoins. Traders need to be sceptical about the platform they choose to use as some of them are fraudulent.

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Due to these fears, we have drawn up a number of a gift card/cryptocurrency exchanges that are safe to use.

Top 5 Best Gift Card For Bitcoins exchange Platforms 

  2. Localbitcoins
  3. Paxful
  4. CoinCola
  5. Bitrefill
  6. LegitCards
  7. Gyft
  8. CoinCards
  9. Egifter
  10. Redeeem

Make sure you request bitcoin as your mode of payment when trading on any of these platforms. Also, check your current gift card rates with a Rate Calculator. 


Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming a thing and bitcoin is the leader of this thing, how about you change your gift cards to bitcoin?



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