How To Sell Bitcoin In Ghana

Bitcoin is considered the first, biggest, and most expensive cryptocurrency in the world. It is currently priced at about $8,500 per coin, with an equivalence of 47,000 Ghana Cedis. Nonetheless, people across the globe have grown to realize and understand the market power of this cryptocurrency asset.

Sequel to this fact, there has been an exponential increase in the tickling interest in Bitcoin in recent times. However, while some people are interested in having lucid knowledge about Bitcoins, others are aiming to cash in and out of this asset worth billions of dollars.

The narrative behind selling Bitcoin is not always as straightforward as buying them. Above all, selling Bitcoin in Ghana could be either selling on different exchange platforms, an example of which is Prestmit, or by peer-to-peer (selling to individuals directly).

Using exchange platforms, you can easily sell your Bitcoin in Ghana. The exchange will automatically complete the transaction once someone matches your offer. Despite several glitches, exchanges are a one-stop solution for trading in Bitcoin. Exchanges often act as an intermediary that holds both seller’s and buyer’s funds, in the case of cryptocurrency. One of the best and credible platforms to perform this transaction in Ghana is Prestmit. To achieve this, simply create an account. You can sign up either on their website or via the mobile app which can be downloaded on Google Play Store for Android users.


How To Sell Bitcoin In Ghana Via Prestmit

Selling your Bitcoin in Ghana through the Prestmit exchange platform requires you to initially have a generated BTC Wallet address from the Bitcoin Wallet Page, which would enable your ownership of a Prestmit Bitcoin Wallet.

How does this work?

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When Bitcoin is sent to the receiver’s wallet address, it will be converted into Ghana cedis after three different (3) confirmations, using the current exchange rate. Working with automation, this Bitcoin transaction works with current rates which can be found on the Bitcoin wallet page.



In this 21st Century, Bitcoin is the most discussed financial discourse, with its popularity and prosperity. Although the operating system of Bitcoin is complex with the requisite of some level of learning and expertise, Bitcoin is considered the safest and most convenient form of digital currency.

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