How Can I Sell Bitcoin In Ghana 2022

The emergence of Bitcoin as the pioneer of global cryptocurrency has retained its status as the largest and most expensive digital currency in the world today. Even at its volatility feature, people’s resolve about investing in Bitcoin keeps waxing strong as its value hovers around a market cap of $1 trillion.

When you are having a foray into cryptocurrency, most especially Bitcoin in Ghana, there is a need to have the requisite knowledge of how to buy and sell digital assets. The simplest form of selling Bitcoin is through an exchange platform. This platform acts as a middle man between Bitcoin buyer and seller. Notable of these exchange platforms are Prestmit.

However, there is a varying rationale behind the sale of Bitcoin in Ghana. This could be to get emergency cash due to unforeseen circumstances, to earn a profit on the heels of an increase in Bitcoin price, or conversion to the local Cedis equivalence.

Platform exchange like Prestmit is a peer-to-peer exchange that exclusively operates under the strict service of converting Bitcoin to cedis at the current Bitcoin equivalent.

How To Sell Bitcoin In Ghana On Prestmit

Below are the steps to follow in getting your Bitcoin sold in Ghana at zero hassle on the Prestmit exchange platform:

1. Create a Prestmit account on the website or download the mobile app on your android device. This involves providing certain information to set up your account within a minute.

2. Create a Bitcoin address. Interestingly, you will get a free Bitcoin address having completed your registration as a Prestmit user.

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3. Send Bitcoin to your wallet. Here, you will be required to send the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell into your already created wallet address. The Bitcoin be saved in its equivalent to cedis.

4. Wait for confirmation on the sent Bitcoin. Confirmation on Prestmit is a 3-time confirmation. The cedi equivalent will be sent to your cedi wallet upon the three (3) confirmations.


In exchanges, Bitcoin trade is always between two parties. Bitcoin transaction varies with sellers and buyers, just as there is a slight difference associated with the Bitcoin selling process. Following how monotonous some methods of selling Bitcoin in Ghana could be, especially in the event of ensuring privacy and safety, it is important and safe to transact your Bitcoin in a public setting if you decide to trade in person.

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