How To Report A Scammer On Paxful

Peer to Peer exchange platforms has a lot of benefits that make them very appealing to traders who exchange cryptocurrencies. However, it doesn’t prevent a few risks which include the possibility of getting scammed on a trade. A lot of scammers disguise themselves as traders to scam their victims, but Paxful has a solution to this problem.

Below are the guides on how to report a scammer on Paxful.

Reporting A Scammer On Paxful

Reporting a scammer is very easy on Paxful, you only need to;

  1. Scroll down the bottom of the trade page, click “Report scam”.

Scam Click Report Scamsource: Paxful.com

The Report scam dialogue box will appear.

Report Scam Box

Source: Paxful.com

  1. Select a report type, write a comprehensive description in the Description field, upload any corroborative images, and click “Submit a report”.

Click Report Scam

Source: Paxful.com

  1. Your report will be submitted.