ITunes gift card is a credit used on the iTunes store to purchase all the Apple media and digital content on the store. With the iTunes card, Apple users can pay for Apple Music, movies, books, apps and many more.

However, one can not use an iTunes gift card to make any successful transaction on the iTunes store until the card has been redeemed

Redeeming your gift cards in this era should not be rocket science, you have a basket of choices when it comes to where to redeem your iTunes gift card but it does not matter where you choose. But you can redeem your iTunes gift card in the Apple Store or the iTunes Store on your iPhone. You can also redeem your iTunes gift card in the Mac App Store on your Macbook.

One important thing to note is that there is a difference between iTunes gift cards and Apple Store gift cards, in as much as you can redeem your iTunes gift card on both iTunes and Apple Store, there are certain things you can’t purchase with iTunes gift card on Apple Store.

Regardless of where you redeem your iTunes gift card, you’ll be able to use the balance in any of the stores as long as your Apple ID is linked to all of them. 

So, to redeem an iTunes gift card, follow the simple steps below.

ITunes card

How To Redeem An iTunes gift card

  1. First, flip your iTunes gift card and scratch off the back section above the bar code. This will reveal the code you must enter at the iTunes Store to redeem the card.
  2. Visit the iTunes Store and ensure you have an Apple ID/iTunes account.
  3. Click “Redeem” in the “Account” menu: You’ll find it at the top left of your iTunes page. You may be asked to log into your iTunes account.

You Can Also Use The Method Below.

If your card has a focus box around the redemption code, you can use your device’s built-in camera to scan the card and redeem it without typing in the code.

  1. Click “Use Camera,” 
  2. Then hold the iTunes gift card up to the camera when it turns on. 
  3. The back of the card showing the focus box must face the camera. 
  4. iTunes will recognize the card and scan the code, adding the amount of the card directly to your account.

When you want to purchase on the iTunes store, the amount will automatically be deducted from your iTunes balance. Any remaining amount due will be charged to the credit card you have associated with your Apple ID. 

itunes gift card

Where To Sell Itunes Gift Cards

Do you know that you can sell back your iTunes card balance for cash when you no longer need it? In most cases, people receive iTunes cards as gifts but they do not have Apple devices which will enable them to use them. The best option for this kind of people is to sell the iTunes gift card for cash.

There are many online trading platforms where one can sell iTunes cards for a high rate in Nigeria. Prestmit is the best platform to carry out your gift card trading for good rates.

The platform is swift in payments, offers high rates on assets, is highly secure and is very easy to use.