How To Create Bitcoin Address In Nigeria

A Bitcoin wallet address is a user identifier Bitcoin payment network that is used to direct payments to your wallet, hence it is an integral part of Bitcoin, which is considered the oldest, yet fast-rising cryptocurrency in the world. A Bitcoin wallet address consists of a string of 26-35 alphanumeric characters which enables you to send and receive Bitcoin.

Primarily, a Bitcoin address works to transfer the digital currency to other addresses on the network, provided that the address type is supported by the sender’s wallet software. However, all addresses are known to represent a destination on the Bitcoin network.


How To Get A Bitcoin Address In Nigeria

There are different ways of getting a Bitcoin address in Nigeria, popular of which is signing up to a platform that offers a Bitcoin wallet address.

Prestmit is one of the platforms that provide Bitcoin addresses in Nigeria. The idea is that for each Bitcoin transaction, users will generate a unique, single-use address to provide to senders. Here, each account automatically comes with a BiHow To Get A Bitcoin Address In Nigeriatcoin address. So If you have just created a new account, then you have access to a unique Bitcoin address.


How To Create Bitcoin Address On Prestmit

To create a Bitcoin address on Prestmit, follow the steps below:

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1. Visit the website or download the mobile app
2. Create an account with Prestmit
3. Log in to your Prestmit account
4. Proceed to Bitcoin wallet and click on ‘Generate BTC Wallet’

Following the above steps, the newly created address becomes permanently yours and you can start to receive Bitcoin into your address at any time.



While a handful of people find it difficult to get a credible Bitcoin address for free, Prestmit is reputed to offer such cryptocurrency outlooks for every user. That’s right if you are in Nigeria and have been on the search for how to get a free Bitcoin address in Nigeria.

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