How To Contact Paxful Support Moderator

ByPaxful is a cryptocurrency trading platform available to millions of people across the globe, using over 350 payment methods. Some of these payment methods are online wallets, cash payment, gift cards, digital currency, bank transfers, etc.

However, Paxful is an entirely peer-to-peer transaction platform, meaning its users trade with real people just the way Bitcoin was intended to be used.

Sequel to these features, Paxful is characterized by an excellent support team and a virtual assistant called PaxBot. PaxBot is designed to proffering solutions to all questions. It can be found on the homepage of Paxful.
Using PaxBot, questions concerning trading, dispute, and account-related issues on Paxful would be addressed.

As a virtual tool of amazing resources, it performs other functions that have to do with Paxful as a crypto trading platform.

How To Use PaxBot

Below are the steps to effectively use PaxBot:

1. Click on the chat button on the Paxful homepage

2. PaxBot will send you an automated greeting message with common topics that need assistance, such as:

  • Trading
  • Verification
  • Wallet
  • Account access
  • Paxful Pay

3. Type a short and direct question, or better still choose one of the options listed in Step 2. PaxBot is designed in such a way that it is intuitive, hence it suggests topics to you as you type.

4. In the case when your enquiry can’t be achieved by the PaxBot, it will gather some additional information and forward it to the support team.

How To File A Support Ticket Using PaxBot

Your conversation with PaxBot is a function of relevant options it will provide. However, you can click on the “Contact Support” option when there is a need to contact the Support team.
When PaxBot requires additional information to process for you, it asks series of questions that start like this:

1. You will be provided with eight (8) options to choose from. Some of these options are wallet issues, account issues, trading issues, etc. You will choose the option that is best suitable for your question.

2. You will be taken through series of prompts that enable you to specify your questions with the most appropriate options.

3. You may be required to provide your transaction ID. You can either provide this or skip it if you don’t have it.

4. Depending on your selection, PaxBot may request the wallet address of the sender or receiver. This can be skipped if you don’t have it.

5. Also, PaxBot may request for the amount of the transaction, which can be skipped.

6. A detailed description of your question will always be asked by PaxBot, which will be sent to Paxful’s Support team.

7. Your email address will be requested to provide you with updates as your issue gets resolved.

8. After providing feedback, PaxBot will ask if you need further help.