It is almost impossible to spend and not check how much is left until everything is gone.

You may have found a Walmart Gift Card lying on the floor and you don’t know if it’s a blank card or a fully-loaded $100 Walmart Gift Card. What better way can you know than to check the Walmart Gift Card Balance?

There are many different ways of checking the Walmart Gift Card which will be discussed in this article today.

Walmart Gift Card Explained

You may have wondered why it is called Walmart Gift Card and what exactly is Walmart?

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Walmart Gift Card is a card loaded with a certain monetary value that affords people access into the Walmart Store where lots of groceries and useful products are sold. Walmart Gift Cards can also be used in the Sam’s Club Stores. 

Walmart Gift Cards can be in the standard(physical) format or e-Gift Card(codes) format. but they provide the same value. You can buy Walmart for the amount of $5 to $500 and it is redeemable on the Walmart Stores or the Sam’s Club Stores. However, Walmart Gift Cards can be exchanged for cash or cryptocurrency.

Check Walmart Gift Card Balance 2022

Checking Walmart Gift Card is not much of a problem and there are three major ways to do that. You can check the Walmart Gift Card online, through phone calls, retail stores.

Check Walmart Gift Card Online

This method is the most common method of checking the Walmart Gift Card. Here are a few simple steps to do that;

  1. Visit the Walmart website.
  2. Click on the icon indicating three lines and choose Gift Cards.
  3. Click the Check Card Balance Tab.
  4. Input the gift card redemption code and the PIN.
  5. Click on Get Card Balance.

Check Walmart Gift Card via Phone

You can call the company’s customer service department at (888) 537-5503. Remember that you  must have the gift card with you so that you can provide all of the necessary information to the agent. Once they find your card information on the system, they will tell you the card balance.

Check Walmart Gift Card on Walmart Store

  1. Using their store finder, locate the nearest Walmart location.
  2. Arrive at the designated location.
  3. Give the shop assistant your gift card information and request that they check your current balance.
  4. Wait for them to find your gift card number in their system and check the balance on it.

How Do I Checkout of Walmart With My Walmart Gift Card?

To use your Walmart Gift Card for checkout after shopping in Walmart Store, these are what you’ll do;

  1. During the checkout process, the payment method screen will be displayed to you.
  2. Choose a new Gift Card or use one that you’ve already saved.
  3. As cards are added, they will appear in your Purchase Summary and the value of your purchase will be deducted.

If your order total is less than the amount on your Walmart Gift Card, the card balance will be available for future purchases on your card.

If your total purchase exceeds the amount on your Walmart Gift Card, you will have to pay the balance with another gift card or an alternative like a credit/debt card.