Since the credit balance on Amazon gift cards are exhaustive, it has become very important to check the balance on the Amazon gift cards before you embark on that shopping spree on the Amazon platform. I can never forget how Peter my friend was disappointed on his last  Amazon shopping. Peter thought he still had some credits on his Amazon gift card but unfortunately, he was hit with the reality of his actual last spending,the moment his payment was rejected, due to insufficient  Amazon gift card balance. 

The purpose of this article is to save you from Peter’s fate. Here in, the step by step guide on how to check your Amazon gift card balance has been highlighted.

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amazon gift card

What Can I Use An Amazon Gift Card For?

Amazon gift cards are mostly used to buy Amazon products and services. To be honest, we’d never be able to finish listing all of the products and services you can purchase with your Amazon gift cards. Where do we even start? Electric appliances, gadgets, clothing, and books, for example.  Customers can use Amazon gift cards to purchase a wide variety of products on the Amazon website. 

Gift cards from Amazon can also be given as a present. Many people would rather buy gift cards than actual gifts for their loved ones. They will be able to purchase the gift of their choice when they redeem the gift card on Amazon. Amazon gift cards are mostly used to buy Amazon products and services and the truth is that if we began listing all of the products and services that can be purchased with Amazon gift cards, we’d never finish.

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How To Buy Amazon  Gift Card

We can’t talk about checking Amazon gift card balance if we do not have an Amazon gift card, right?

So, here are the easy steps to buying an Amazon gift card;

  1. Firstly, a you must go to this page
  2. Choose the type of gift card you want to buy: Amazon E-gift card, Amazon print at home card, or Amazon physical gift card?
  3. Choose or enter the number of gift cards you want to purchase. 
  4. Select Add to Cart, followed by Proceed to Checkout
  5. Enter the correct payment information for your purchase and press the Continue button. 
  6. Choose Place your order and you have successfully bought your Amazon gift card.

How To Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

Checking your Amazon gift card is not rocket science like you may think. In fact, you can check your Amazon gift card in few minutes, by following these simple steps below;

  1. To begin, open the web browser on your computer and navigate to the Amazon platform, sign in to your account. 
  2. Scroll to the “Account & Lists” menu in Amazon’s top-right corner to see an expanded menu. 
  3. Click on “Account” in the expanded menu under “Your Account.” 
  4. Click “Gift Cards” on the “Your Account” page that appears. 
  5. Your gift card balance currently available in your account will be displayed on the page that opens, right next to “Your Gift Card Balance.”

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