Boost your nft projectWhile the world was battling with mopping up the remains of Covid-19 in 2021 and gift card traders were selling out gift cards on Prestmit, a number of creatives were selling artworks as NFTs for millions of dollars. Beeple alone made a combined $98.3 million dollars from Human One and Everydays: The First 500 Days. Along with other viral NFT projects like CryptoPunk and Bored Ape Yacht Club, Beeple has taken the headlines while new crypto artists struggle to gain an audience that will turn to money. Due to this reality crypto exchange giant Binance has moved to solve the problem with gift cards. They have found a way for you to boost your NFT project with a gift card.

What To Expect

  • What Are Gift Cards
  • Most Expensive NFT Projects of All Time
  • What Are Binance Gift Cards
  • How to Boost Your NFT Project With Gift Card
  • Benefits of Using The Binance Gift Card to Boost Your NFT
  • Other Alternatives to Promote Your NFT Project
  • Top 15 NFT Influencers On Twitter.

What Are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are prepaid cards with a certain amount of money loaded on them in order to use them to pay for purchases. Gift cards were introduced in 1994 to solve the problem of giving gifts. Because of gift cards, gift-givers no longer have to worry about what to give to a loved one as gifts they can just give them a gift card to get what they want themselves.

Now I am sure you must be wondering what gift cards have to do with boosting an NFT project. Well, read on to find out how Binance is using gift cards to promote digital artworks.

What is NFT?

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are digital assets that are traded, bought and transactions registered on the blockchain. Most NFTs exist on the Ethereum blockchain, therefore, making Ethereum based wallets more suitable for NFT transactions.

NFTs have unique authentication information that is stored on the blockchain in order for the owner of the crypto art to use it as proof of ownership. 

The best artists steal ideas and make them theirs, by recreating something new of course. So as a crypto artist it is important to study the trend and create an original work around it. In the spirit of following trends a list of the most expensive NFT projects.

Most Expensive NFT Projects of All Time

According to CoinMarketCap $19 billion has been spent on NFTs and 57 per cent of that money was spent on the primary market. This means the market is looking good for creators of NFTs. Even though the market is still young we seem to already have a couple of history makers.

Here are the top NFT earners so far:

  • Human One ($29m)
  • Punk #7523 ($11.7m)
  • Punk #4156 ($10.4m)
  • Right-Click And Save as Guy ($7.08m)
  • Everydays: The First 5000 Days ($69.3m)

Even though mind-blowing figures have been thrown around on a few NFTs it isn’t easy to make your digital asset go viral. However, the Binance gift card is a step in the right direction in giving artists awareness opportunities.

What Are Binance Gift Cards?

Binance gift cards are digital gift cards that are designed and loaded with the sender’s desired amount of crypto then sent to a receiver. The receiver can access the crypto on the gift card by redeeming the gift card code. 

It’s too early to predict how much success crypto gift cards will have but judging from the impact regular gift cards have had so far I personally believe that crypto gift cards will be around for a long time. 

However, the crypto exchange giant Binance has made the first move to make their crypto gift cards more effective by partnering with NFT projects to give them the opportunity to use these digital gift cards to advertise their works.

How to Boost Your NFT Project With Gift Card

Binance has made it possible for NFT projects to design their gift cards with NFTs in order to give them awareness. NFT projects can now put their artworks on Binance crypto gift cards which will expose the NFT project to the users on the Binance platform.

Benefits of Using The Binance Gift Card to Boost Your NFT

Boosting your NFT with the Binance gift cards has a lot of benefits for the digital asset owners and this is why:

  • More Reach

When you boost your NFTs with the gift card your work will be distributed on leading crypto sites. This gives you more media to advertise your artwork and if it catches attention you might be the next Beeple.

  • Extra Commission: When You Boost Your NFT Project With The  Binance Gift Card

When you link your referral codes to airdropped gift cards you earn more commission. 

  • Other Users Will Share Your Work

You can also urge platform users to share your digital asset. This is also another way to make your NFT project go viral.

  • Boost Your NFT Project With the Binance Gift Card and get Homepage Spotlight

Your crypto gift card design gets displayed on the front page of the gift card page. This gives you access to other platform users who are outside your community.

Alternative to Promote Your NFT Project

Another way to boost your NFT project is by using trusted Twitter NFT influencers. Twitter is where crypto art collectors converge to get the latest on upcoming projects and how to find their communities.

There are a number of NFT influencers that have gathered trust from their followers as to NFT news and developments. These influencers can help direct traffic to your project.

In case you have an NFT project you would like to boost with Twitter influencers but do not know how to locate them, not to worry I have created a list of 15 top Twitter NFT influencers.

Top 15 NFT Influencers On Twitter

The following are the top influencers that can direct traffic to your digital assets:

  1. Oohshinny
  2. Meet Dave
  3. Crytobaristas
  4. NFT Times
  5. J1mmy.eth
  6. Garyvee
  7. The Wall Street Journal
  8. RealmissNFT
  9. DeeziFi
  10. NFT.NYC
  11. Max Maher
  12. Dikasso
  13. Farokh
  14. Nounsdao
  15. BoredApeYC

In Conclusion

Even the biggest brands in the world invest heavily in advertising their products or services in order to create brand awareness in the minds of their potential clients. This is what Binance aims to do with their gift cards and NFT project partnership. They have created a whole new advertisement channel and there is no telling what more can be advertised on them. To know more about Binance gift cards you can read more on this link.