The digitisation of the media space has brought more access to information about the happenings in local and global society. In this vein, we can not overemphasize the innovation that cable tv, which is the digital television spectrum has ushered in us. GOtv is one such cable tv, and you may need to know how to subscribe to the GOtv Jolli package.

In recent years, there has been a paradigm shift towards the adoption of digital television spectrum to enable people to have access to rich and diverse content. This makes it an era of cable tv, which provides pay-per-view access to a wide range of content.

Gone are the days when local television channels were fully operational people had to get an antenna and a pole to access local television channels like LTV, Galaxy, OSRC, BCOS, and whatnot. However, there is a change in the narrative as people now push for cable tv connection to have a broader range of view of the world in a better dimension.

Gotv is one of the most sought-after digital cable television providers in Africa. It is a sister brand of DStv which is the offshoot of Multichoice company. Today, GOtv has a large number of users across Nigeria, and by extension, Africa because of the design of different packages for varying budgets. So there is almost no home that does not use GOtv if they are not using DStv.

Subscribe to GOtv Jolli package

There are various Gotv subscription packages available for people to choose from (depending on your budget). These are GOtv Lite, GOtv Jinja, GOtv Jolli, GOtv Max, and GOtv Supa. There are nuances of prices and features that characterised each of these packages. But, in this context, GOtv Jolli will be our anchor package.

This article aims to guide you on how to subscribe to the GOtv Jolli package if you are a new GOtv user.

Understanding GOtv Jolli Package

GOtv Jolli can be referred to as the “middle man” of GOtv subscription packages. This is owed to its position concerning the price and the number of channels it makes available to its active subscribers. While GOtv Lite is the least of the subscription packages, GOtv Supa is the highest subscription package you can pay for on GOtv.

Many people prefer to subscribe to the GOtv Jolli package because of its price and the number of channels you can access on the television with such a package. As of the time of writing this article, the monthly GOtv Jolli package is N3,300 with 68 channels. Therefore, this gives you ample access to a variety of channels on the television.

The breakdown of the 68 channels on the GOtv Jolli package is as follows:

  • 18 general entertainment channels
  • 3 sports channels
  • 3 music channels
  • 8 news channels
  • 3 movies channels
  • 2 documentary channels
  • 4 kids channels
  • 21 local channels
  • 4 religious channels
  • 2 audio channels

Subscription Options For The GOtv Jolli Package

There are different options you can use to subscribe to your GOtv Jolli package. This largely depends on your preference to achieve convenience when paying for your subscription.

1. Online Payment

You can pay for your GOtv Jolli subscription using an online payment platform. This is considered the best payment option because it is considerably fast and convenient. You can successfully subscribe to your GOtv package anytime and any day from the comfort of your home.

Prestmit is the best online payment platform to pay for cable tv subscriptions. Therefore, you can easily subscribe to your GOtv Jolli package on the platform – as your transactions are simple, safe, and swift with Prestmit. As Prestmit is your one-stop digital payment and trading platform, you can buy airtime, buy data, fund your betting account, and even pay electricity bills on the platform.

2. Mobile Payment

There is a GOtv mobile app available for the teeming GOtv users. You can download the app on your Google Play Store or Apple Store to start using it to subscribe to your package. You need to only connect your GOtv IUC number to your GOtv app account and use the various payment method available on the portal to pay for your GOtv Jolli package.

3. Agents

You can also pay for your GOtv Jolli package at agents’ stores. These agents are mostly POS agents that enable you to make your varying bill payments, including a GOtv subscription. This means POS agents are not available to send and receive money – you can also pay your cable tv bills with them.

How To Subscribe To GOtv Jolli Package – Prestmit

Step 1: Ensure Your GOtv Decoder Is Connected And Activated

Activation precedes the connection of the GOtv decoder with its antenna. Therefore, you must be sure that your GOtv decoder is activated at the point of purchase. You can then proceed to connect the decoder to your television set.

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Subscription Option

You can choose your preferred subscription option from the three (3) aforementioned subscription options. But it is recommended to use Prestmit as your online payment option because it is and remains the best GOtv subscription gateway.

Step 3: Provide The Required Details And Choose Jolli Package

Upon your decision to choose your preferred subscription gateway, you will need to provide details like your 10-digit GOtv IUC number, full name, and phone number. You proceed to choose GOtv Jolli as your preferred package.

Step 4: Make Payment On Prestmit And Confirm The Subscription

The last step is to make the payment of N3,300 for your GOtv Jolli package on Prestmit. You can make payment from your Prestmit wallet or by bank transfer on the platform. Ensure to complete and confirm your transaction and you will get your Jolli channels up in less than five minutes.

How To Troubleshoot Common GOtv Subscription Issues

Making payment for your GOtv subscription is a three-horse transaction – as it involves the subscriber, the subscription payment option, and GOtv as the provider. Therefore, it is incumbent on you (the subscriber) to escalate lingering issues that affect the success of your subscription.

For instance, you may have completed payment for your GOtv package but the blocked channels have not been unblocked. This means that GOtv, from its end, has not approved your payment, which would, in turn, give you access to the Jolli-associated channels. Here, you need to contact the GOtv support team via phone call or email to make your complaints known to them.

On the other hand, it may be the case of an unsuccessful payment from the end of your subscription gateway. In this regard, you may also have to contact the platform or the agent to request a resolution to your query.

How To Manage Your GOtv Jolli Subscription

It is one thing to have an active GOtv Jolli subscription and it is another thing to be proactive in ensuring that you continue to have access to the Jolli channels without a glitch.

1. Review Your Subscription Before It Expires On Prestmit

Prestmit offers you a robust digital payment service that enables you to track your next payment day from your first payment day on the platform. Therefore, you can review and prepare for the next subscription date on Prestmit. This prevents you from losing access to GOtv channels due to the expiration of your subscription package.

For instance, if you pay for your GOtv Jolli package on May 24, you will be able to track and know that your next subscription date will be June 23. Anything later than this date would see your Jolli channels blocked.

2. Explore Options To Upgrade Or Downgrade Your Package

There is a good level of flexibility in GOtv packages. You can, in your volition decide to upgrade or downgrade your package. This may be the result of your budget or access to your preferred channels.

As a GOtv Jolli subscriber, you can upgrade to either GOtv Max or GOtv Supa – which are packages with more channels as high as 76 channels. But you can also downgrade your Jolli package to either GOtv Jinja or GOtv Lite which are characterised by lesser channels and low budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About GOtv Jolli Package

How Many Channels Are In GOtv Jolli Package?

Currently, there are 68 channels on the GOtv Jolli package. You can access both local and international television channels on the package.

When Can I Pay For My GOtv Jolli Package On Prestmit?

You can pay your cable tv bills at any time and any day on Prestmit. Our services are 24/7 operational. So you can subscribe to your GOtv Jolli package now.

How Long Does It Take For My Subscription To Be Approved

The confirmation and approval of your GOtv subscription are fast, especially when you use an online option like Prestmit. In less than 5 minutes, you can start accessing your channels.


GOtv is a great cable tv to have in your home or office because it is cheap to get and manage. A package like the GOtv Jolli enables you access to a wide range of local and international channels of different content.

However, it is important to make monthly subscriptions to enable you to binge watching various channels. Should you think of the best option to pay for your GOtv subscription, think of Prestmit as the best way to subscribe to your cable tv.