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How Much Is iTunes Card $100

Gift cards serve as credits used for making both online and in-store transactions. Big and small business brands all over the world have learnt to exploit gift vouchers to their advantage by creating gift vouchers for their businesses.

Gift card users are also not excluded from reaping the enormous benefits of gift cards.

iTunes card is one of the major types of gift vouchers in existence today. One can easily deduce that an iTunes card is used on the iTunes store, given its name.

They come in different monetary denominations and different currencies, depending on the country of residence.

If you want to sell an iTunes card in Nigeria but you are not sure how much cash you would get, then this article is for you.

We will show you how much a $100 iTunes card is sold in Naira and also how to calculate the rate of an iTunes gift card in real time so you will get the best value for your asset.

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What Is An iTunes Gift Card?

iTunes card is a preloaded credit in the form of a voucher which is used to purchase digital content and services on the Apple store. 

The iTunes store is Apple’s major digital content marketplace for Apple device users. On the iTunes store, Apple users can purchase and download any digital content and service of their choice like music, movies, books, apps, iCloud storage space upgrades and software and many others.

Users can subscribe to Apple Music and other Apple services on iTunes through various means such as the use of iTunes cards.

The credit on the card is added to a user’s iTunes store account after which he can purchase any content on the iTunes store.

The iTunes gift voucher can be of two types; iTunes physical gift card and iTunes e-code. 

The physical iTunes card can be purchased from any gift card retail store and supermarket. 

The iTunes virtual cards(e-codes) can be purchased online on the Apple website, Amazon store and other online gift card retail stores. iTunes cards are sold in different monetary denominations such as $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100.

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How Much Is $100 In Nigeria

The rate of iTunes cards is usually not fixed at a certain rate. It fluctuates over time due to the market forces of demand and supply of gift cards.

Rates can also be different among various gift card trading platforms. You should look out for a good trading platform that offers high rates.

However, Prestmit is the best platform you can count on if you want to sell iTunes cards at high rates.

Currently, you can sell a $100 iTunes card for #42,000 on Prestmit at the rate of 420.

Due to the fluctuating nature of the iTunes card rates, you can check the live rates using the gift card calculator on our platform.

Benefits Of Using iTunes Card

Gift cards in general are more acceptable today than cash payments because of a pool of reasons which are not limited to convenience. Here are some reasons you should consider using an iTunes card if you have not been using one before.

1. Flexibility: 

This card is flexible for everyone and their area of interest. The card gives users access to all the media and content available on the iTunes store.

If you’re a movie lover, you can access and subscribe to the latest movies on Apple TV. Apple Music is also available to music lovers to exploit.

If you love reading books, Apple Books has a massive digital book library where you can access and buy any book of your choice with an iTunes card.

Do not forget that there are video games available to game lovers. They can purchase and download these games to their media library using their iTunes card and access them forever.

2. No Expiration:

Unlike some gift cards which have certain expiry dates, iTunes cards do not have such expiry dates. Therefore users can easily utilize their cards properly and be certain that their credit is always secure and usable at any time.

Redeeming an iTunes card is a very direct process which does not take much time to do. If you have issues with redeeming your iTunes card, then there is a possibility that you didn’t buy from a good vendor. Remember that an iTunes card always has a 16-digit code.

3. Use To Promote Business: 

Have you ever thought of a good way to promote your small business? You can offer iTunes cards as a token to your highly esteemed customers.

You can organize contests and use an iTunes card as the prize for such contests. How about giveaways? It’s a great idea for one. 

4. Great Gift Item:

One of the problems with gifting is our inability to know what our recipient may need at that point in life. When you want to offer people some gift items, It’s often better to send them an iTunes card instead.

Apart from the fact that this will give them the power to choose their gift item in the store without you choosing them, it will also save you the stress of shopping. 

When you send them an iTunes card of any denomination of your choice, they will instantly get it online and use it to purchase any content of their choice.

Remember that any gender can use an iTunes card, so you need not worry about getting a gender-based gift item.

5. Fair Resale Value:

iTunes card is one of the gift vouchers with high rates due to their high demand. The value will likely increase with time as the use and demand for Apple devices keep soaring.

In case you do not need the card for anything, you can still resell it for cash and cryptocurrency at a very good price value 


The iTunes gift card is one of the best gift cards that ever existed. It has been beneficial to many people in various ways as listed in the article.

You may not need to have an Apple device to use an iTunes card. You can buy this card for your friends and families as a sign of love and appreciation.

Even when it is no longer needed on the iTunes store, you can sell it back for cash on a gift card trading platform. 

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