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How Much Is a $100 Amazon Gift Card In Naira March 2023

I can never think of any question asked more by Amazon Gift Card users and traders than the question “how much is a $100 Amazon Gift Card in Naira”. 

It is undoubtedly obvious that Amazon is not just the largest online retailer in the world, selling about 1.6 million packages every day, but Amazon Gift Card has claimed the position of the most popular among other brands of gift cards.

Before we delve into answering this question of how much Naira your $100 Amazon Gift Card can be exchanged for,  it is important to understand that this question is ” relative” and doesn’t have any definite answer. Why? Don’t worry, you will find out why in the subsequent part of this post.

This piece comprises an update on how much you can get a $100 and other dollar amounts of  Amazon Gift Card in Naira, as well other relevant information about using and trading Amazon Gift Card.

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What Is An Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon is the world’s largest online store, selling practically any product or service you can imagine. Customers can purchase Amazon Gift Cards from Amazon, which can be used to pay for Amazon products purchased on the Amazon platform.

Amazon Gift Cards allow consumers to choose from a variety of things on the Amazon Store and pay for them with their Amazon Gift Cards.

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Amazon Gift Cards can be in the form of e-Gift Cards, which are sent as a code to the registered email address, or in the form of plastic cards, which are delivered to the mailing address as a plastic card, or they can be customized and printed at home.

Amazon sells gift cards for every social class, whether rich or poor, hence, the Amazon Gift Cards are designed in different monetary denominations such that everyone can afford one. It ranges from $5 to $500 and above. You can customise any amount of dollars you want on your gift card too.

What Is Amazon Gift Card Used For?

Asking what Amazon Gift Card is used for is similar to asking what money is used for because Amazon Gift Cards can be used for a variety of things you may not have considered. The Amazon Gift Card ensures that you will always find something to your liking in the Amazon Store.

Clothing, shoes, electrical appliances, books, electronics, musical instruments, sports equipment, and other items are among the items on the list. The list goes on and on, and professional services are also available on Amazon. This means you can recruit professionals such as teachers, nurses, gardeners and engineers.

Amazon Gift Cards can be given as gifts to friends and family so that they can buy whatever they want on the Amazon Store when they redeem the card.

You can also instantly sell Amazon Gift Cards for cash, Bitcoin, or USDT.

Redeem Amazon Gift Card Online

Imagine having something as precious as an Amazon Gift Card in your possession, yet, you can’t use it for shy online shopping. 

The steps to use an Amazon  Gift card on the website are as follows:

  1. Visit the Amazon Gift Card page.
  2. You may log in with your existing data or start a new account if you want.
  3. The balance field in the Add Gift Card / Voucher Code to Amazon Pay section allows you to write in the gift card/ voucher code that Amazon has made accessible to you.
  4. When you press the “Add to your balance” button, the balance will be added to your Amazon pay balance right away.
  5. Begin your shopping.

This procedure is only applicable when logging in to the Amazon website via your phone or PC browser.

Follow the instructions below to redeem your gift card if you’re using the Amazon mobile app.

  1. Download the Amazon App and go to the menu section and select Amazon Pay.
  2. Enter the gift card code you received from Amazon and click the “addition to your balance” option.
  3. Amazon will authenticate the card for a few seconds before adding the balance to your Amazon Pay account.
  4. Begin your shopping.

How Much is a $100 Amazon Gift Card in Naira

Like I said earlier, the rate of Amazon Gift Card is not fixed and it is relative to the platform you want to trade with. However, the rate of Amazon changes every moment, that is to say, the rate today may not be the same as tomorrow. Even though the rates fluctuate with time, it is always advisable to trade with platforms that offer good rates to ensure a high return on your digital asset. An example of a platform where you can reap this advantage is the Prestmit app.

We offer the rates for all gift cards, not just Amazon alone. Currently, the $100 USA Amazon Cash Receipt Gift Card is N36,000 at the rate of 360.

Do you want to check for other denominations like $50, $25 under other subcategories? Don’t fret, we got you!!

As one of our measures in ensuring that we offer transparent and efficient services to our customers, we have an automated rates calculator on our platform that can help our clients check out the current rates of the gift cards they want to trade.

How To Convert Amazon Gift Card To Cash or Crypto

One of the good things about Amazon Gift Cards is that they can be swapped for a more liquid asset like money or even a digital asset like cryptocurrency. Hence, even if you think Amazon Gift Card is of no use to you because you have no business with the Amazon Store, do you also detest money? 

To exchange Amazon Gift Card for cash or crypto means doing the following;

Create an account and log in: To be eligible to start trading your gift card on our platform, you need to create an account if 

  1. Click on the  “START TRADE” button to get started.
  2. Select “SELL GIFT CARDS” on the next page. Then scroll down the page to fill in the trade details.
  3. Select “CATEGORY”: On this page, select Amazon Gift Card 
  4. Select “GIFT CARD”: This is where you will further specify the type of Amazon  Gift Card you have and want to sell. For example $100 USA Amazon Cash Receipt Gift Card.
  5. Select “AMOUNT”: In this section, you will enter the total amount of Amazon Gift Cards you want to sell. If you are selling a $50 Amazon Gift Card in 5 pieces, that means the total amount is 250. The price value for the Amazon Gift Card in the chosen currency (Naira or Cedis) will be automatically displayed when you enter the amount. The Bitcoin or USDT equivalent will also be displayed the moment you select either Bitcoin or USDT. This is calculated by an automated rate calculator according to the current rates.
  6. Upload File: This field is meant for uploading pictures of your gift card. You can upload up to 25 pictures in a trade. If you are trading E-code, it means it doesn’t require a picture, just leave this field empty and enter the E-codes in the comment section.
  7. Select PAYOUT METHOD: When you sell your Amazon Gift Card, you can be paid either in NAIRA, CEDIS, BITCOINS or USDT, all you need to do is to select your preferred payment method. Enter the payout address when you select either BITCOIN or USDT, which is where your payment will be sent when the trade is completed.
  8. SEND DIRECTLY: A checkbox labelled “Send Directly To My Bank Account” is present. Check this box if you want the money paid directly to your bank account. However, this is only relevant to payment methods in naira or cedis, and you must choose your desired bank and bank details.
  9. Finally, click ” APPLY” and your payment will be made in a few minutes.

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