A $100 Google Play gift card is one of the denominations of the Google Play gift card with its high rates at the moment. Google Play gift card is a gift service offered by the Google Play Store, which enables its users to use the gift card to buy a wide range of products.

With millions of apps, songs, books, and movies available for download, Google Play is, without a doubt, the largest app store in the world. The fact that most of its contents have an age limit has made the Google Play gift card a great gift for young people.

However, if you decide against using these cards in-store, you can sell them for Mobile Money. All you need to do to get started is find a website that allows you to exchange Google Play gift cards for cash. Many Google Play card holders are unsure about where to sell their cards without getting scammed, in contrast to the very well-known iTunes.

Benefits Of Having A $100 Google Play Gift Card

How much is $100 Google Play gift card

1. Availability

While Google Play is accessible in almost every country, the Google Play Store is renowned for having the most extensive assortment of downloadable material. Additionally, the Google Play Store sells several items that are also sold in other nations for far less money. As such, a Google Play gift card is one of the best gifts you can give to loved ones, friends, or acquaintances that live anywhere in the world.

2. Secure Transaction

The use of 256-bit SSL encryption ensures the security of each gift card purchase. You can always be confident of secure storage of transactions on systems because of the buyer’s personal and payment information of the online gift card vendor.

3. No Expiry Date

Since you bought the gift card from an approved retailer, it will never expire, so you can spend it whenever it’s most practical.

You can download whatever stuff for your mobile device you need or want by gaining access to the Google Play Store. Send Google Play Store gift cards the next time a holiday or special event comes around, or even whenever you want to treat a friend or family member who lives abroad to these beautiful advantages.

4. Convenient Email Delivery

Reputable online merchants purchase their Google Play Store gift cards directly from American manufacturers and licensed distributors. It’s that easy and quick. After making an immediate online purchase, the gift card will be digitally scanned using a high-resolution scanner and sent to the recipient immediately through email.

5. Better Prices

A Google Play gift card will undoubtedly help you enjoy considerable savings and more excellent value for your money because the same content offered at much higher costs in other Google Play Stores is readily available at much lower pricing.

How Much Is a $100 Google Play Gift Card In Naira, Cedis, Or Bitcoin?

According to the Prestmit gift card rate calculator, the naira value of a $100 US physical Google Play gift card is 77,000 NGN, while its cedis equivalent is GHS 722.22, and the Bitcoin price is $80.26. Furthermore, the price equivalent of a $100 UK physical Google Play card is 80,000 NGN, and its price in cedis and Bitcoin are GHS 855.56 and $84.10, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Ecode type is available for Euro Google Play gift card, which a rate is 390. Therefore, the naira value of 100 Euro Google Play Ecode is 39,000 NGN, and the cedi equivalent is GHS 433.33, with its Bitcoin worth at $50. Other gift card types available in the $100 Google Play gift card include Euro Google to Play physical card, Canadian Google Play physical card, Australian Google Play physical card, Switzerland Google Play physical card, etc.

You should note that Prestmit does not give intermediary rates but gives you the actual value of your card by eliminating the dubious intermediary commissions that make sales low.

How To Sell Google Play Gift Card For Cash

1. Sell Your Gift Card To A Website

Many websites exist that will buy your gift card and pay you to cash in exchange. Some websites will give you pre-paid postage so you can mail them your gift card. Some websites will immediately purchase your digital gift card if you have one. Before deciding to sell your card, be sure to conduct in-depth research and look up the website’s reviews.

2. List Your Gift Card On An Ecommerce Platform

You might also list your gift card on a website like Craiglist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. Gift cards can be sold for their face value, but they will go for more money if you mark them down a little. Remember that a website like eBay probably takes a sale cut. If you are sending the gift card to someone, you need to factor in the cost of postage additionally.

3. Sell Gift Card On Gift Card Trading Apps

You can sell your gift card via a mobile app some businesses provide. What you should do is. Just download the app, mail your card, and select whether you want to be paid via PayPal or check. That business will deduct about 15% of the gift card’s value as commission.

How To Sell A $100 Google Play Gift Card On Prestmit

You can sell your $100 Google Play on Prestmit


1. Create a Prestmit account and log in.

2. Click on “Begin Trade”.

3. Select “Sell Gift Card”. Here, you will select the Google Play gift card type.

4. Click on the “Subcategory” to choose whether to sell a physical card or an Ecode.

5. Fill in the “Amount” of your Google Play gift card. In this case, it will be a $100 Google Play gift card.

6. Select a “Payout Method”, which provides you with the of receiving payment in fiat currencies (naira or cedis) or cryptocurrencies (BTC or USDT).

7. Upload the image of your physical card for confirmation. But you will also have to fill in the code of your Ecode in the comment section.

8. You will receive payment upon the successful completion and confirmation of the transaction.


Google Play gift card is one of the best gift cards with special rates, even though it is widely available in all countries. But it is essential to selling your $100 Google Play gift card on a trusted platform for cash or cryptocurrency.