Many people are seeking answers to the rate of 100 euro Steam gift cards in Germany as the gift card holds itself to the high esteem of one of the best gift cards in the world for many reasons.

Steam gift cards are cards that you can redeem on Steam for credits, and these credits, in turn, can be used to buy games, downloadable content, and in-game content.

How much is 100 euro Steam gift card in Germany

Steam offers gift cards you can easily buy from different retailers with a feature activation code at its bottom. Digital gift cards are also available via Steam, making the transaction online.

Steam gift cards have one of the best rates; as such, people tend to buy and sell these gift cards when they are unused to make money. It is no doubt that Steam gift cards are available for purchase and resale in every part of the world, and that is why this article aims to discuss the rate of 100 euro Steam cards card in Germany.

Understanding Steam Gift Cards

Steam gift cards are important for game enthusiasts who want unlimited access to gaming content because it enables you to have a relishing gaming experience when you have one. You can get the gift card in either physical or digital form, deepening on your point of purchase.

The amount of money a physical and digital Steam gift card can take is the primary distinction between them. Digital Steam gift cards are available in the denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100, while the physical type of Steam gift card is available in the denominations of $20, $30, $50, and $100.

Moreover, a Steam gift card has an activation code the receiver may deliver to add the value of the card to their Steam Wallet. Games, downloadable content, and in-game items can then be purchased using the wallet balance.

What Are The Uses Of Steam Gift Cards?

1. Buy Software

It is a great option to get a Steam gift card to buy software on Steam. This can also harp the fact that Steam as it’s a wide range of software you can get on the platform. But you can easily filter your option on Steam to buy software on education, photo editing, animation & modelling, design & illustration, etc.

2. Buy Games From Developers

There is no better marketplace than Steam if you want to buy and download immediately. The top games in the world are available on Steam and reasonably priced.

Numerous video games are on sale. But when Steam decides to give their seasonal sales, big money is made. You can save a lot of money on the most popular games in the world.

3. Send Digital Steam Gift Card To Loved Ones

You can give Steam gift cards to family or friends on their birthdays to celebrate them. This is possible if you are not a gaming person or you are tired of gaming. One pleasant thing about Steam cards card is the ability to share and spd of love. So you can use the gift card to play games with friends or family.

For instance, I love Rocket League because the game is fun to binge. But it is more fun when I share the game with a friend to play with me. Therefore, a Steam gift card is best for sharing gaming content with friends.

4. Exchange Your Steam Gift Card For Another Option

There is no harm in swapping a Steam gift card for another choice if you purchase one online or receive the card from someone else. To assist in exchanging your card for something genuine, there are more than enough options accessible.

For example, you can exchange your Steam gift for a Google Play gift card or iTunes gift card. You can also exchange your card for other available gift cards, albeit it may be difficult at some point. But you must be careful when exchanging your card.

What Is The Rate Of 100 Euro Steam Gift Card In Germany?

How much is 100 euro Steam gift card in Germany

As of the time of writing this article, the rate e of a 100 euro Steam gift card in Germany is about $119. This rate is variable across gift card trading platforms in Germany and other parts of the Eurozone, but this prices average at about $114.

According to our gift card rate calculator, the rate of a 100 euro Steam gift card in Nigeria is NGN 56,000 if it is a digital card and NGN 59,000 if it is a physical Steam card. Also, the rate of a physical 100 euro Steam gift card in Ghana is about GHS 893, and its digital card is about GHS 848.

How To Buy A Steam Gift Card In Germany

You can get Steam gift cs anywhere in Germany, based on your access. But the two primary access points for buying a Steam card in the country are the online retailers and physical stores.

1. Online Retailers

Online retailers are gift card trading platforms enabling you to buy different kinds of gift cards. Notable of these retailers are Gamecardsdirect, eneba, livecards, etc.

How To Buy Steam Gift Cards From Online Retailers

  • Select “Add to cart” and continue to checkout
  • Enter your personal information and select a payment method
  • Pay for your Steam gift card
  • You will receive the Steam activation in on your email

2. Physical Stores

You can buy your Steam gift card at physical stores, especially game stores in Germany. Also, getting your Steam card at any other store selling gift cards in the country is possible. Steam gift card is one of the best gift cards people buy in Germany, so the high demand for them makes them more accessible in stores.


Steam gift cards have a reputation as great cards with excellent resale value when there is a need to sell them. When you have a Steam gift card in Germany, you are provided with a wide range of gaming content, software, and hardware you can force into your personal experience.

Therefore, when you mull the idea of buying a gift card in Germa, a Steam gift card is the best for you.