How Much Cash Can I Get For 1000 Airtime In Nigeria

When you hear people ask how much cash they can get for a 1000 airtime, you would know that they are about to sell airtime for cash.

Don’t act surprised like you don’t know it’s possible to sell airtime for cash in Nigeria. When I say sell airtime for cash, I do not mean a situation where you scout for people to buy your excess airtime. That’s a whole lot of tasks you don’t want to do and I am also sure you don’t want some embarrassment that comes with it.

Before now, airtime was sold as a recharge pin by some store vendors. This required people to walk into the vendor’s store and buy recharge card pins not until the process was alleviated by some online platforms that sell airtime and even bank USSD codes. 

Today, one can easily purchase any amount of airtime online within a few seconds, thanks to these online platforms.

However, due to human errors and lack of attention, people often make the mistake of recharging more than the normal amount they intended to recharge. This often happens when the user adds an extra at the back of the intended amount.

This becomes a problem most times because they need the extra money for something else, hence, the need to sell the airtime for cash.

Sometimes, you may get a surprise gift from a friend or family in the form of airtime and you may not need such a huge amount of money in your phone just for phone calls and texts.

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If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, do not panic or sweat at all, it’s nothing close to a problem. You can still sell back the airtime for instant cash on these platforms we will show you in this article. 

Additionally, we will share with you how much cash you will get for your #1000 airtime.

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Best Place To Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria

Excess or unwanted airtime is a problem which has been solved by the emergence of some popular online platforms that offer the service of buying your airtime for cash.

You should be careful of the platform you want to trade airtime with because there are many fraudulent apps online that are ready to steal your money.

Anyway, you need not worry about that if you’re reading this because we’re about to show you some of the best places you can sell airtime for cash in Nigeria without any trouble. 

1. Prestmit: 

Prestmit is a popular online digital asset trading app that allows traders to sell their digital assets seamlessly. The Prestmit platform offers many services to users such as trading gift cards, trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, funding betting accounts, paying utility bills such as electricity tokens, and buying and selling airtime for cash.

Prestmit is a very unique and secure platform that aids users to facilitate their financial needs.

The platform is very easy to use, it is built on a very high-security protocol and transactions are executed swiftly compared to other rival platforms.

2. Airtimeflip:

Airtimeflip is another recommended platform where you can sell airtime for cash in Nigeria. The platform is not just fast due to its completely automated transactions, it also offers affordable and fair conversion rates compared to other platforms. 

On Airtimeflip, the easiness and rate of selling airtime for cash depend largely on your network provider. 

For example, MTN seems to be the most affordable option on the platform, charging around a 15% fee to convert MTN airtime to cash.

The platform has good and honest customer reviews on the App Store. You can also download the app from the Apple store or Google Play store.

3. Glover:

Glover is a popular online digital asset trading platform where you can trade your digital assets such as gift cards, and Bitcoins and also sell airtime for cash.

Glover has a good customer base thanks to the good services and affordable rates it offers users.

Glover rates for airtime to cash conversion rate is fair compared to other competing platforms.

The Glover app is user-friendly and easy to use by first-time users. You can get the app from Google Play and Apple stores.

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How Much Cash Can I Get For 1000 Airtime In Nigeria?

I know you are curious to know how much the fee or the rate at which you can convert airtime for cash in Nigeria. The answer is right here but you need to know these.

The conversion rate is not the same for every platform, so you need to deal with a platform that has an affordable conversion fee which will yield more cash.

Secondly, the conversion fee or rate is not the same for every network provider. For example, generally, MTN has a lower fee than other network providers like Airtel, 9mobile and Glo.

9mobile has the most conversion rate among the four major network providers.

In Nigeria, you can get cash between 800-810 when you sell 1000 airtime.

Using the Glover app as an example, selling 1000 airtime will give you 800 cash.

How To Sell Airtime For Cash In Nigeria

It shouldn’t take you up to 2 minutes to convert airtime to cash on a good platform. For the purpose of this article, l will show you how to sell airtime for cash on Glover.

  • First, register or sign up for the platform with your details, such as your email address.
  • You’ll be further required to provide bank details for withdrawals after a successful registration.
  • From the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the platform, select “airtime to cash
  • Choose the network provider and the amount of airtime you want to sell.
  • Convert to cash by sending the airtime amount to the highlighted number after which your wallet will be credited.


Since you’ve discovered how much you can get for your 1000 airtime, I bet you won’t panic the next time you receive an airtime gift or mistakenly add an extra figure while recharging. We do not hope that this would be the case for you always but if you find yourself in such a situation, you now know the best platforms for you to bank on.

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