Digital assets continue to grow today, so trading in them is one of the best ways to make money online. Bitcoin and gift cards are popular digital assets you can trade online, with Amazon gift cards being one of the best gift cards with the highest value.

As such, you may need to know how much Bitcoin you can buy with a $100 Amazon gift card.

Amazon gift card is important for shopping conveniently on the Amazon store and trading to make money. It exists in different denominations with a real-time value.

But as you can sell this card for fiat currencies like naira, cedis, or US dollars, you can also sell for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which is usually simple and convenient.

How much Bitcoin can I buy with $100 Amazon gift card

Therefore, buying Bitcoin with your Amazon gift card is a good outlook, but you must understand certain factors to guide your pursuit.

Considering Factors To Buying Bitcoin With Amazon Gift Card

1. Digital Trading Platforms

There are many trading platforms on which you can sell your gift cards for fiat and cryptocurrencies. One such digital trading platform is Prestmit, where you can sell your Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin.

It is one of the best gift card trading platforms in Nigeria, with a range of benefits to give you an excellent experience.

2. Trading Rates

How much Bitcoin can I buy with $100 Amazon gift card

You need to understand the rates at which you can sell your Amazon gift card to give you an understanding of when, where, and how best to sell your card for Bitcoin.

This can be significantly influenced by real exchange rates in the local market, including demand and supply.

It means that the equivalent of the card currency to the local currency will determine the trading rate of your Amazon gift card to Bitcoin.

3. Trading Fees

Transactions involving digital assets incur fees that facilitate the trade.

So, you will pay certain fees when buying your Bitcoin with an Amazon gift card on any platform. But this varies across platforms.

Therefore, you need to consider a platform that offers the best trading fees.

How Much Is $100 Amazon Gift Card In Bitcoin?

As of March 5, 2024, the value of a $100 Amazon card in Bitcoin is within the range of 50$ to 75$ in Bitcoin.

But you must note that this value is not fixed, as it can change in a matter of seconds. The crypto market is volatile with price swings, and this often affects the value of Bitcoin over time.

How To Sell $100 Amazon Gift Card For Bitcoin On Prestmit

How much Bitcoin can I buy with $100 Amazon gift card


Here is a quick and simple step to buy Bitcoin with an Amazon gift card on Prestmit:

  • Visit the Prestmit official website or download its app on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Create a Prestmit account and log in.
  • Click on “Buy & sell gift cards” and choose “Sell gift cards”.
  • Choose “Bitcoins (BTC)” as your preferred payment method.
  • Select “Amazon” in the gift card category.
  • Choose the gift card type.
  • Enter “100” in the amount.
  • Upload the image of the Amazon gift card.
  • Enter the Bitcoin address to receive the fund.
  • Click on “Proceed” to complete the transaction.
  • You will receive your BTC immediately after successful confirmation of the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Buy Bitcoin With Amazon Gift Card?

You can buy Bitcoin with an Amazon gift card on an exchange that supports cryptocurrency and gift cards. It is just important to choose a platform that gives you the best rates and fees to enable you to make profits.

Can I Buy Amazon Gift Card With Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy Amazon gift card with Bitcoin. Gift cards and cryptocurrency are both digital assets that can be exchanged.

What Is The Best Place To Sell $100 Amazon Gift Card?

I recommend Presmit as the best place to sell your $100 Amazon gift card anytime you want. This is owed to the many benefits you will enjoy by trading on the platform. From security to fast transactions and low trading fees, Prestmit is the best place to sell your card.

How Fast Can I Sell Amazon Card For Crypto?

Selling your Amazon card can take some minutes to complete. This is because the transaction will have to go through confirmations before you can receive the crypto in your wallet.

How Much Is $200 Amazon Gift Card In Bitcoin?

The value of a $200 Amazon card is within the range of 120$ to $150 in BTC, and this is according to the current gift card rate calculator on Prestmit.

Do I Need KYC To Sell an Amazon Card?

You do not ultimately need KYC to sell Amazon gift cards. While KYC is required for selling your card on major exchanges, you may not need it when you sell directly through channels like social media platforms.


It is an excellent venture to exchange one digital asset for another – just as you can use your gift card to buy Bitcoin. This is due to its convenience because it does not require a bank account.

As such, you can do the transaction quickly and safely on a reputable platform such as Prestmit.

However, it is important to know the market value of Bitcoin and your Amazon gift card before you start the transaction. Ensure to understand the crypto and gift card market to guide your decision.