The rise in value and acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange has fueled a meteoric rise in the popularity of cryptocurrency trading. But today’s cryptocurrency exchanges make buying and selling cryptocurrency easier than ever before even though it can be intimidating initially and even though scams have occurred and will continue to occur.

Low transaction fees and quick execution are the top priorities for some cryptocurrency exchanges, while unique financial products are the focus of others.

Trade orders are executed immediately when you place them, which can help you avoid small losses and maximize the value of your trade positions as an advanced trader.

You should finish reading this guide if you want to find out more about the fastest cryptocurrency exchanges for trading your cryptocurrencies.

Fastest Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Use In 2022

  • Coinbase
  • Bitmex
  • Okex
  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • Deribit

1. Coinbase

On Coinbase, 0.2 percent of orders are completed in less than 10 milliseconds, and 0.1 percent take more than one second.

Coinbase is the best place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for anyone. Coinbase is also a place where people can store and trade cryptocurrency.

If you’re brand new to cryptocurrency and don’t want to deal with the hassle of dealing with external wallets and decentralized exchanges, this is a great solution for you.

Daily trading volume (24 hr): $16,124,730,128
Average liquidity: 803
Weekly web traffic: 21,908,745
Total number of coins traded: 396

2. BitMex

The average order execution time on Bitmex is 1.11 seconds, with 13.4% of orders completed in less than 10 milliseconds and 20% taking longer than 1 second.

The platform is reliable and has enough money to support Bitcoin trades. BitMex is backed by hedge funds from all over the world, even though there are risks with cryptocurrency.

XBT-USD is one of the most popular long-term swaps on BitMEX. It changed the crypto world for the better.

Daily trading volume (24 hr): $79,658,323
Average liquidity: 423
Weekly web traffic: 177,228
Total number of coins traded: 450

3. Okex

Okex processes orders in an average of 127 milliseconds, with 0% of orders processed in less than 10 milliseconds and 0.2 percent taking more than 1 second.

OKex is listed as one of the world’s largest international cryptocurrency exchanges, with a daily turnover of $1.5 billion for its Bitcoin futures trading product alone. This information is derived solely from the Bitcoin futures market.

However, as with other well-known Chinese-owned cryptocurrency exchanges, there has recently been a lot of speculation about whether real turnover figures are as high as they claim. Exaggeration and manipulation have been accused.

Daily trading volume ( 24 hr): $4,229,682,309
Average liquidity: 505
Weekly web traffic: 1,608,359
Total number of coins traded: 357

4. Binance

Since many other U.S. exchanges charge as much as 0.1 percent for each trade, Binance’s fee is a bargain.

The rapidity with which it transacts has made it a household name. 37.2 milliseconds is the average execution time for orders on Binance’s platform. Orders that take less than 10 milliseconds to complete make up a tiny fraction of the total.

He built a computer program that helped high-speed traders locate each other before he founded Binance in China in 2017.

Daily trading volume (24 hr): $16,124,730,128
Average liquidity: 803
Weekly web traffic: 21,908,745
Total number of coins traded: 396

5. Bitfinex

Bitfinex currently has an average order execution time of 1.11 seconds, with 13.4% of orders being completed in less than 10 milliseconds and 20.8 percent taking more than 1 second.

More than 170 cryptocurrencies are supported by Bitfinex, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. Low fees and a wide range of investment options make this an excellent platform for trading and investing.

The features of the exchange are suitable for novice and experienced traders alike. Regulators have had issues in the past, and people have been accused of being misled.

Daily trading volume (24 hr): $381,554,736
Average liquidity: 602
Weekly web traffic: 712,570
Total number of coins traded: 178

6. Deribit

Deribit’s average order execution time is now 6.1 milliseconds, with 89.6 percent of orders being completed in less than 10 milliseconds and 0 percent taking more than 1 second.

When it comes to trading Bitcoin and Ethereum-based crypto derivatives, Deribit is a great option.

Daily trading volume (24 hr): $1,124,730,128
Average liquidity: 603
Weekly web traffic: 1,908,745
Total number of coins traded: 204

How Demand And Supply Affect Crypto Trading

Some cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have a fixed supply. There is no hard cap on the number of real-world currencies, such as the US Dollar.

The value of a limited supply item is expected to rise when there is more demand. As a result, the amount of cryptocurrency in circulation and the level of interest in it are drastically different. Increasing crypto prices have also opened up new avenues for making money.

How To Trade Cryptocurrency Safely

Experts advise newbies in the crypto market to begin with as little money as possible so that they can afford to lose.

To profit from the “irrational exuberance” of a stock market and the “legal uncertainty” of crypto, you need to invest in crypto trading.

Hackers have shown that anything worth money on the internet is an easy target for them.
However, crypto exchanges that store user wallets employ large teams of security experts and pay “bug bounties” to outside consultants who find flaws in their systems in an attempt to keep them safe.

How To Make Money From Trading Cryptocurrency

When investing, there are three things to keep in mind. Like any other business, cryptocurrency trading has additional expenses to consider.

For example, there are fees associated with each step of the investment process, from making an initial deposit to withdrawing profits.

It is also possible that the price of crypto could change in a way that makes it more difficult to get rid of the currency. At the end of the year, you’ll have to pay more than just this.

Depending on one’s income tax bracket, one may have a different minimum profit goal. When the financial year comes to an end, it’s easy to forget about the importance of this.


There is a couple of factors to consider before choosing a crypto exchange. Even those who are familiar with more traditional investment platforms should be aware that crypto often comes with different fee structures, fewer customer service options, and an increased role in investor insecurity.

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