Gift cards are digital assets that are disrupting the international market with their potential that up a myriad of opportunities for both buyers and sellers. This is also playing out in Turkey as there is a wide range of gift cards in Turkey that the Turkish are using for varying purposes.

Many gift cards are churned out for their users, regardless of geographical location. However, some gift cards are location-bound, meaning that you can only access these gift cards at a specific region due to reasons like market spread or local currency, which may pose a difficulty in using the gift card outside the area.

However, there is a lingering question “does Turkey have gift cards?” This article aims to lucidly answer this question as it also provides the uses, advantages, and disadvantages of gifts in Turkey.

Do They Have Gift Cards In Turkey?

Yes, there are gift cards in Turkey, which are of different types. Therefore, you can buy and sell gift cards in Turkey when you trade on credible platforms or the brand’s official website that issues the gift card. If you reside in Turkey, you can access and use gift cards designed in and outside Turkey if there is a support or market for their use.

Some Gift Card Options In Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country bounded by both Europe and Asia continents, and these shape the way of life of the Turkish, which in turn, highlight the country’s exposure to a booming market like the gift card market.

There is a variety of Turkey gift card options from which you can choose which one best suits your needs. So this is to affirm that there are gift cards in Turkey, and the gift card market is steadily growing in the country because of different retailers available to buy and sell gift cards to you.

6 Types of Gift Cards In Turkey

1. IKEA Gift Card TR

IKEA gift card

IKEA is a Swedish retail company that sells furniture and other home products like kitchen items. You can use IKEA gift cards for any occasion, as you can refer to them as a one-stop gift card capable of meeting your needs.

You can customise your IKEA gift card depending on your creativity and preference. It is available in two different designs: the colourful design that may include the recipient’s name or the white paper card and the red card. Also, you can redeem an IKEA gift card to get groceries within the price range of $25 and $100 at any of its supported stores.

One exciting feature of IKEA gift card is that it does not expire, so you can use this gift card in Turkey via its official website to have a great shopping experience on IKEA.

2. Apple iTunes Gift Card TR

iTunes gift card in Turkey


Apple iTunes gift card is available in Turkey and is widely used by the Turkish. This gift card comes in a denomination between $10 and $200, and you can use it to access content like movies, books, music, apps, TV shows, etc., on the Apple Store.

You can also decide to sell Apple gift cards to make some money in Turkey. This is another alternative to using your gift card outside, giving it to loved ones as a gift. iTunes gift card remains one of the best gift cards in Turkey as it enables you to get whatever you want without any hidden charges or tax on what you use the gift card to redeem.

3. Google Play Gift Card TR

Google Play gift card in Turkey

Google Play gift cards are widely available and easy to use, so these posit the gift card as not just one of the most popular gift cards in Turkey but also among the best gift cards in Turkey.

You can access your favourite games, apps, and music when you have and redeem your Google Play gift card. But also remember that you can sell Google Play gift cards for cash, too, in Turkey. This means this offers you many opportunities to explore.

You can check your Google Play gift card balance when you redeem your card on your Google Play account, but this may not necessarily be important as you can always use your gift card to access many contents, depending on the value (denomination) of your gift card.

4. Amazon Gift Card TR

Amazon gift card in Turkey

Amazon gift card enables you to access products and services as fast as you can, thereby making this gift card another popular gift card in Turkey. It is noteworthy that Amazon is an excellent marketplace for books, toys, games, electronics, and whatnot.

If you like online shopping in Turkey, having an Amazon gift card is the best way to have a relishing shopping experience at your convenience. You can redeem your Amazon gift card on Amazon website as you enter your gift card code.

5. Steam Gift Card TR

Steam gift card in Turkey

Steam gift cards are perfect for gaming enthusiasts in Turkey, but you can also choose to sell Steam gift cards, as the case may be. The steam card lets you access video games on Steam, a famous gift card brand. You can also use the gift card for in-trade currency on the Steam platform in Turkey.

6. Turkish Airlines Gift Card

Turkish Airlines gift card

Turkish airlines are reputable international airlines that are around the world. You can use a Turkish airline gift card to access products and services offered by Turkish Airlines, and it is only available on the Turkish Airlines website and its mobile app.

You can use this gift card for ticketing transactions with Turkish Airlines, and it is only valid for two years after the date of purchase.

Terms And Conditions Of Gift Cards In Turkey

There is a conditional use of every gift card in Turkey, which enables its users to know how, where, and when to use their gift cards in Turkey. Some gift card terms and conditions in Turkey are:

1. The gift cards are valid for products and services determined by the brand that issues the gift card.

2. Buying gift cards in Turkey is only possible in the currencies of US dollars, Euros, and Turkish lira.

3. You can not reload your gift card after exhausting the balance.

4. You can not transfer your gift card balance to another gift card in Turkey, and your gift card issuer is not responsible for card theft.

5. Your gift card issuer is not responsible for the gift cards you buy from an untrusted retailer.

How GiftCardsd Works In Turkey?

There are different ways to use gift cards in Turkey; depending on the purpose, you won’t get the gift card to serve. But after buying gift cards in Turkey, there is a set of steps you must take to enable your gift cards to work for you in Turkey.

1. Activation Of Gift Cards In Turkey

Due diligence is expected of you when you just bought a gift card in Turkey. This is the activation of your gift card. Activation precedes redeeming of gift cards; as such, you must ensure to activate your gift card immediately at the point of purchase from your retailer when you buy a physical gift card. But you may not have to start a digital gift card as they are automatically activated before you receive them via email.

2. Redeeming Gift Cards In Turkey

After activating your gift card, the next step is to redeem your gift card on your official gift card. For instance, you will redeem your Google Play gift card on the Google Play store or your iTunes gift card on the Apple store when you own one in Turkey.

3. Checking Gift Card Balances in Turkey

Checking your card balances proceeds to redeem your gift cards. Therefore, you can decide to check your gift card balance to confirm the addition of the gift card to your balance. This is very important to do ensure the successful redemption of your card. If the gift card amount is not added to your account balance after checking it, then you may have to contact your retailer or your gift card brand support for help.

Uses Of Gift Cards In Turkey

1. Personal Uses Of Gift Card In Turkey

You can use gift cards as an individual for purposes that range from redeeming to accessing a variety of content on the issuer’s store to sell your gift card for cash. Gift cards are a viable way to make money in Turkey, so you can decide to buy and resell your gift card at the best rates to individuals or gift card trading platforms.

2. Corporate Uses Of Gift Cards In Turkey

As a corporate entity, you can give gift cards to your at work as an incentive for their diligence in the company. This usually takes place in particular seasons or holidays like the Christmas season or even when celebrating the birthday of any of your employees.

3. Marketing Uses Of Gift Cards In Turkey

Away from using gift cards for personal or corporate purposes, you can also use gift cards as a marketing strategy for brand awareness and improve sales of your products and services. Every potential customer loves to have a discount on their purchase, so you can design a gift card that would enable your customers to access your products and services conveniently at fairer prices.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gift Cards In Turkey

While gift cards tend to offer several merits to their cause, there are also some pitfalls that the Turkish must be aware of to ensure the safe use of gift cards.

Benefits Of Gift Cards In Turkey

1. Unlimited access to numerous products and services that your need relates to the content the gift card issuer offers.

2. You can get gift cards in Turkey as a store of value in place of your credit cards. Every gift card has a certain amount on it, so you can keep this card in the form of cash to make purchases later.

3. You can sell gift cards for cash in Turkey when you have a gift card you don’t necessarily need.

4. Gift cards can be used as a payment method on some platforms that support them.

Drawbacks Of Gift Cards In Turkey

1. You may lose your gift card to theft if you don’t keep it safe.

2. You can lose your money to scams when you buy your gift cards from an untrusted retailer.

3. You may lose the face value of your gift card upon the price tank in the international market following the price fall of currencies like US dollars and Euros.

4. You can not use your gift card in all stores, as it can only work in stores that support it.

Comparison Of Gift Cards In Turkey With Other Gift-Giving Options

Gift cards are one of many ways to give gifts to your loved ones because of their value. While some gift cards do not expire, you can still make money from selling the gift card. Meanwhile, other gifts may not offer you this opportunity as some skills can be perishable or have little or no face value when you sell them for cash in Turkey.

Where To Buy Gift Cards In Turkey

There are different gift card buying methods in Turkey, depending on your preference. But what matters is the market for gift card trading in Turkey.

1. Online Retailers

There is a proliferation of online retailers from where you can buy gift cards in Turkey. You must research to ensure you are buying from a trusted platform. Also, endeavour to look out for customer reviews about the platform to inform your decision on buying from such a platform.

2. Brick-And-Mortar Stores

These are physical stores from where you can buy gift cards in Turkey. These stores may not necessarily be selling gift cards alone, they may be supermarkets or other stores, but they have gift cards in their carts to sell to customers.


There is an excellent presence in the gift card market in Turkey, as they vary in types and uses. While you can use IKEA gift cards to buy furniture and other home products, other gift cards like Amazon gift cards and iTunes gift cards to access different content in their respective stores.

However, it is essential to buy your gift card at trusted retailers in Turkey while you also ensure to activate your physical gift card at the point of purchase before redeeming it at the gift card store. Endeavour to keep your gift card safe because gift cards are of great worth in Turkey.