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Different Visa Gift Card Pictures and How To Identify Them

You can’t talk about gift cards without the mention of a Visa gift card which is one of the most popular types of gift cards to ever emerge.

A visa gift card is a type of preloaded voucher issued by Visa Inc that is used for store transactions in any store that accepts a Visa card as a payment method.

We can say that Visa gift vouchers are open-looped gift cards. The usage of these types of cards is not limited to a specific brand store, hence, they can be used in any store that accepts the card. Other examples are Mastercard and American Express.

Furthermore, there are many types of Visa gift cards which look very identical to the eyes. You can only identify their differences if you pay attention to some details.

It is important to know how to identify each type of Visa gift card by merely looking at the picture to avoid the mistake of buying the wrong card. 

Also, with this knowledge, you can never be cheated by anyone when you want to buy a Visa gift card. Even if the card description is wrong, you will identify the type of Visa gift card it is just by seeing the picture.

In this article, we will show you how you can easily identify the different types of Visa gift card pictures.

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4020 Visa E1674137478673

Types Of Visa Gift Cards

There are three main types of Visa gift cards and we will discuss how you can easily identify them with their pictures in this article. 

1. Standard Visa Gift Card: 

A standard Visa gift card is a physical Visa gift card preloaded with a certain amount of money used to make both online and offline transactions. 

The standard Visa card expires within seven years after it has been purchased and it cannot be reloaded. Remember that this is quite different from Visa credit/debit cards, even though these are also issued by the same company.

Visa debit/credit cards are issued by banks through Visa Inc and they are linked to the user’s bank account, unlike the Visa gift card which has no connection to the bank account.

Standard Visa gift cards normally shart with these numbers; 4020, 4358, 4786, 5338, 4097, 5338, 4852.

The card comes with 16-digit card numbers starting with any of the four numbers listed above and also a security code.

The pictures below are examples of a standard Visa gift card;

A standard Visa gift card

4034 Visa E1674137438540

2. Custom Visa Gift Card:

Just like the name suggests, this type of Visa gift card is a customized type of Visa voucher. 

Visa allows people to customize gift cards using any design and inscription of their choice. This is a special way of creating something beautiful on your gift voucher, especially if you want to send it as a gift to a loved one. You can add a personal photo, message or art to the gift card. 

You can also choose the amount of money you want to load onto the card and the funds do not expire. 

If you want to customize a Visa gift card for a loved one, it’s quite easy to do online.

The pictures below show examples of  Custom Visa gift cards;

Custom Visa gift card

Customized Visa gift card

3. Visa e-gift card:

The third type of Visa gift voucher is the e-gift card which can also be called a digital Visa gift voucher or virtual Visa gift voucher. 

As the name implies, this is a virtual form of Visa gift card that can only be used digitally. The most important thing about the type of voucher is the card number and code. They are mainly used for online transactions than offline transactions but they have the same value as the two other types of Visa cards mentioned above.

A $100 Visa e-gift card and a $100 standard Visa gift card have the same value, they are just in different forms.

Purchasing Visa e-gift cards is easier and faster because the card is delivered to you as quickly as possible through email delivery, unlike the standard Visa gift voucher.

These pictures  are examples of Visa e-gift cards;

Visa e-gift card

Visa gift card

How To Identify Visa Gift Cards

1. Look For The Visa Logo: 

The first thing to do when you stumble on any gift card is to look for the Visa design logo on the card. Every Visa voucher, including the virtual ones, have the Visa logo on them. That’s the trademark of the company that shows the card was issued by Visa.

2. Check The Card’s Expiration Date:

Visa gift cards have an expiry date which is engrossed on the card. You may want to check out this date to know if the card is expired or not.

3. Verify the Card’s Activation Status: 

You can check the activation status of the Visa gift voucher to confirm if the card is active or not. You can do this by contacting customer service through the numbers enlisted on the back of the card. If the card is not activated, the customer agents can help you with the process and requirements for activating the card.

4. Look For a Card Number and Security Code:

Every Visa gift voucher has a 16 digits card number on them and a three-digit security code at the rear of the card. Look out for these in every Visa gift voucher, if they are not present, it is not a Visa card.

5. Check If the Card Has a signature Line:

The Visa gift card should have a signature line or bar at the back. Though it is not a requirement that a signature will be signed on it to work, it is one of the properties of a Visa gift card.


Visa gift coupons are one of the best types of gift cards you can think of buying if you have not decided yet. The good thing about Visa cards is that you have many options where you can redeem them. 

Many stores accept Visa card payments, so Visa gift vouchers can be used in such stores.

There are three main types of Visa gift cards as shown in this article and they all have their distinctive features. 

From the explanations and pictures attached to them, you can easily identify any type of Visa gift card. 

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