Many online stores sell various goods and services today, but none can be compared to the Amazon store. It is safe to say that Amazon store is the largest online retailer in the world. 

Amazon gift card is a card preloaded with a certain amount of money that enables users to access and make payments in the Amazon store.

This does not mean that you can’t make purchases through other types of payments, such as debit/credit cards, but Amazon gift cards can serve different purposes besides making in-store payments. 

You can use an Amazon card as a gift item instead of purchasing an actual gift for the recipient. You can also sell it for cash when you need cash

There are three main types of Amazon gift cards which every user must be able to identify by their mere pictures. These cards can all be used in the Amazon store for transactions, but their physical features differ. 

You wouldn’t know the type of Amazon card you want if you couldn’t identify it. Not being able to locate it will also make you vulnerable to scams. 

This article will discuss the various types of Amazon gift cards and receipts and how to identify them. 

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Types Of Amazon Gift Cards

A. Physical Amazon Gift Card:

This is simply the type of Amazon gift card that can be seen and felt. A physical Amazon gift card is preloaded with a certain amount of cash to be used as credit on the Amazon store. It looks like a bank card, but it is not precisely because it is not linked to your bank account. Instead, you purchase the value you need and can also afford.

Physical Amazon gift cards are issued in different denominations ranging from $5 to $500.

B. Digital Amazon Gift Card:

A digital Amazon gift card or Amazon electronic gift voucher is a type of Amazon card that does not have a physical form. Instead, it consists of codes or digits which can be used to redeem gift items on the Amazon store. Most Amazon online shoppers use this type of gift card because it’s always readily available, and there’s no extra shipping cost on the card.

After purchasing a digital Amazon card, it will be sent to your email address within 1-3 minutes. 

C. Customizable Amazon Gift Card: 

There is no better way of sending someone a special gift on their birthday or wedding day if not with the customisable Amazon voucher. 

Amazon allows users to customise their gift cards however they want and load any money they want.

Add sweet notes, designs, pictures and art to the customisable Amazon card. I am sure you want to sweep them off their feet, so this is a perfect idea if you want to do that.

Types Of Amazon Gift Card Receipts

A. Cash Receipt:

Just like the name “cash receipt” implies, this type of Amazon card receipt is obtained from purchasing an Amazon gift card with cash. In other words, an Amazon gift card cash receipt proves the card was purchased with cash, and the receipt includes some information like the buyer’s name, transaction date and the cash amount. 

B. Debit/Credit Receipt:

The Amazon debit/credit receipt shows that the Amazon card was purchased with either a debit or a credit card. Amazon debit and credit receipts have the same exchange rates in the secondary gift card market.

How to Identify Different Types of Amazon Gift Cards and Receipts

A. Physical Amazon Gift Card:

The first you should look out for is the Amazon logo, after which you will check the card number(16 digits), and the claim code/activation code is perfectly covered.

B. Digital Amazon Gift Card:

Even though this type of Amazon card cannot be touched but can only be viewed digitally, you should look out for its logo. It’s not from Amazon if it doesn’t have the Amazon logo. Also, ensure it has the 16 digits card number and the activation code on it.

C. Customizable Amazon Gift Card:

One way to know a customisable Amazon gift card is to check if customisation options allow you to attach photos or messages. Users can create a design on the card through the customisation options given.

Also, check for the card’s Amazon logo, card number and activation code. 

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D. Physical Amazon Gift Card Receipt:

As we mentioned earlier, this type of receipt shows the medium of payment used to purchase the physical Amazon card. You should always check the Amazon logo, card number and activation code. 

E. Digital Amazon Gift Card Receipt:

A digital Amazon gift card receipt indicates whether the buyer paid in cash or by debit/credit card. It usually includes the transaction details such as the date, buyer’s name and amount. You should also check for the Amazon logo, activation code and card number. 

How To Use Amazon Gift Cards

A. Online Purchases: 

You can buy anything from the Amazon online store using an Amazon gift card. The card is an open-loop gift card which is only valid and helpful in the Amazon store. You may want to check the card balance to ensure enough balance before making a transaction.

After shopping and paying with your Amazon gift card, your items will be delivered to your address.

B. Sell Online:

Sometimes we get good gestures from friends and families in the form of Amazon gift cards, but their choices of gift cards might not tally with ours.

Who says you can’t sell your Amazon card when you no longer need it? 

Gift card trading platforms like Prestmit will offer you high rates on any Amazon gift card you convert to cash or cryptocurrency.

C. In-store Purchases:

The best use of Amazon gift cards is to make store purchases in the Amazon store. The store has many products and services you will use up your card if you don’t control your spending.

Restrictions And Fees

Amazon restricts listing some products in its store and sometimes requires sellers to apply for approval to list and sell those items. These product categories are usually controversial in some locations, such as gambling items and alcohol.

Sellers are charged a referral fee for any product sold. This fee is not fixed, but it varies across product types. However, most products are charged a 15% referral fee.


Amazon gift card is one of the industry’s most popular and best gift card brands. You can never go wrong with an Amazon card, even if you do not want to use it. Many other ways can be helpful to you, especially selling it for cash.

However, you must understand the differences in the types of Amazon gift cards listed in the article to make a good choice if you want to buy one.