The emergence and massive adoption of cryptocurrency have given room for many opportunities in the crypto space, incredible money-making opportunities.

Despite the market condition, crypto investors can still reap good profits from the crypto space using so many strategies like crypto staking and crypto lending, yield farming, crypto holding, arbitrage trading etc.

All these strategies have been proven effective in creating more wealth in the cryptocurrency space, and as such, many platforms have emerged to help offer these services to crypto investors and traders.

For many traders wanting to participate in crypto staking, platforms like Kraken and Coinbase are their best shot for top-notch service.

However, is a virtual crypto arbitrage trading platform which allows people to invest their crypto and get a certain percentage as a return by arbitrage trading on the platform.

With the outburst of many Ponzi schemes disguised as a crypto trading platform, many investors and traders are unsure if the Cotps platform is another dubious platform. 

This is why we have written this article to review the Cotps platform so that users can understand whether it’s legit or a scam.

Logo of the Cotps trading platform.

About Cotps Trading

Recall that we called the Cotps platform a virtual arbitrage trading platform in the introductory part of this article. You may be wondering what virtual arbitrage trading means.

Virtual arbitrage trading means an automated version of the live trading event. Like in sports betting, virtual betting depicts a computerized version of the live matches, rewarding punters when they predict correctly.

In the Cotps trading platform, an AI designed into the platform helps traders complete their trade in a virtual setting and rewards them for their profits in a fixed period.

The name “Cotps” is an abbreviated form of a crypto OTC trading platform that uses AI and automated algorithms to carry out arbitrage trading (buying cryptocurrencies at low prices and selling at high prices).

The platform was launched in 2019, and traders are said to earn up to a 3.6% interest rate on their capital by trading on the platform daily.

Cotps claims to be regulated in Canada and USA. Also, every trader on the platform is guaranteed a 3.6% profit daily on their capital as long as they trade.

The platform also has many attractive features which aid in the trading experience of its users for free.

With a minimum deposit of $10, you can start arbitrage trading on the platform and make a profit every two hours.

How Does Cotps Work?

Just like we already know, the Cotps platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to scan the crypto international markets to identify USDT traders on big exchanges like Binance easily and Coinbase, whose bid price for USDT is higher. 

What the platform does here is to sell USDT at higher prices to these buyers and then buy back USDT at its standard price or lower price. After each trade session, the capital and percentage profit is sent to the trader. A user can trade every two hours, up to ten times a day.

Aside from trading on the platform, you can earn money from the refer and earn option. This can be very effective if you have a strong team; earning can be daily or weekly.

Refer And Earn On Cotps

You’ll get a unique referral link after registering on the platform, which you’ll use to invite your friends and anyone else to the platform.

There’s a commission for you on every profit earned by your referral after they have registered successfully and started trading on the platform.

The commission plan comes in the hierarchy of referrals. You will get a 15% commission on the profits generated by your level one referrals, a 10% commission from your level two referrals, and a 5% commission on the profits of your level three referrals.

A summation of all these commissions shows that you’ll make quite a good amount of money from referrals alone within a short while.

Cotps Review: Is Cotps Legit Or Scam?

There is a saying that if something is too good to be true, it is probably not true. Given the awesomeness of the Cotps platform, many crypto traders doubt whether this platform is truly what it claims to be or just another scam project deployed to sway crypto investors. 

Before we can conclude if this platform is real or dubious, let’s look at this detailed analysis of the good and bad sides of the platform.

Good Signs:

  1. The Cotps platform makes payments and accepts deposits in cryptocurrency, making global acceptance easy.
  2. The platform has very good compensation plans which reward users handsomely and make them rich quickly.

Bad Signs:

  1. The platform claims to adopt AI for arbitrage trading, but research has revealed that no AI can perform such a task yet.
  2. The platform posits as an arbitrage trading platform, meaning that assets are bought in one exchange and sold in another exchange, but in the case of Cotps, assets are bought and sold on the same platform.
  3. The platform does not have any other source of income from all indications apart from that of new investors and old reinvestment.
  4. The compensation plans are quite high, which makes it a get-rich-quick platform. However, we all know that such schemes are bound to crash someday.
  5. The CEO is anonymous at the time of writing this review. This should tell you that something is wrong somewhere.


We have read several reviews online from people who have used this platform, and the platform has discontinued payment of any sort from most such reviews.

According to an article by, Cotps is a high-yield investment program where investors have high passive returns. 

The website has not been active, leaving many investors who have invested their funds miserable and stranded.