Changera is an offshoot of Bitmama. Launched in May 2021, Changera is a computerized platform that allows numerous users to send as well as receive money globally. Changera also affords users to transact and make bill payments online, globally, which is why the Changera virtual dollar card remains one of the most sought-after.

Changera enables you to do the following:

  • Send and receive funds from African countries as well as European countries
  • Get a virtual and physical card for payment
  • Get a reloadable and virtual domiciliary bank account by converting local currencies to foreign currencies
  • Recharge airtime as well as data
  • Pay for airlines tickets
  • Carry out a mobile money transfer

What Are The Plans For Changera?

There are currently three (3) plans available on this platform. They are:

1. Freemium Plan

First-time users that achieve success in their sign-up process automatically subscribe to a freemium plan. With access to the three wallet currencies option, freemium users also have access to virtual dollar cards, which come with a limit of $10,000 per month. Users with this plan can purchase airtime and data globally.

2. Freelancer Plan

This is the next plan after the freemium plan. You need $50 to upgrade to this plan in a year. It provides users with the opportunity to access up to seven currencies and access 5 free virtual cards. The virtual dollar card limit is $50,000 per month. The Freelancer plan performs everything on the freemium plan as others added advantage.

3. Premium Plan

The premium plan performs everything on both freemium and freelancer plans. You need to make a payment of $100 to upgrade to this plan. This plan provides users with various currency options and access to ten free virtual dollar cards as well as access to transfer money to over 100 countries.

How To Access The Changera Virtual Dollar Card

Changera card review

It is not difficult to access the Changera virtual dollar card. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Download the app from either Apple Store or Google Play Store
  • Follow the instructions promptly to register an account
  • Log into your account (if you already have a Changera account)
  • Navigate to the card section and request to get the card
  • Enter the required details, such as type of card, method of payment, payment kind, etc
  • Click on “Pay” to fund the virtual card payment
  • Click on “Continue” upon the successful completion of the payment
  • You will see a new page with a new virtual card displayed to you

Changera usually charges $1 for a card fee while 1.5% USD for a funding fee on any amount you are willing to fund. However, it is possible to have a different card service for different payment options. This good pricing feature makes Changera virtual dollar cards receive continuous hype from different users.

Moreover, Changera has multiple reviews on Google Play with over 10k downloads – with 3 out of 5 ratings on the Google Play Store. The reasonable fees on Changera are one of the top virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria. Changera is safe and secure with swift customer service representatives, no wonder it has continued to get the needed hype.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Relationship Between Bitmama And Changera? 

Changera is a product of Bitmama. Bitmama started in 2017 as a peer-to-peer digital currency exchange platform. Changera was launched in May 2021 to provide means for international payment transfers.

Can I Convert One Currency To Another On Changera? 

It is possible to convert your funds to foreign currency on Changera thus eliminating the need for middlemen.

Can I Create More Virtual Dollar Cards For Different Online Payment Transactions? 

Changera allows users to create multiple virtual cards for various online payment transactions. For example, you can use a different card for your Netflix subscription while you use another card to shop in stores like Amazon and Alibaba.

How Do I Make Money Through Changera Referrals? 

With Changera, you can earn when you refer families and friends. You earn through the following means:

  • Other virtual cards other than the first card by referrals earn you $0.2
  • Your first referral transaction that is greater than $20 earns you $0.5
  • Provision for 20% commission on the subscription fee of your entire referrals when they upgrade to either premium or freelancer plan.

What Is The Changera Community All About?  

The Changera community is a platform that allows users to meet one another and share their experiences about Changera.


The world has gone digital such that you can make purchases from any part of the world as fast as you can, at your convenience. The use of a virtual dollar card from Changera enables you to achieve this without any challenge.

The use of Changera is simple and easy and you can get started by creating a Changera account to enable you to request a virtual dollar card and start making international payments.