CardCash is one of the most popular online gift card marketplaces but people still have reservations about whether CardCash is a scam or not.

Gift cards are valuable digital assets which everyone will love to have in their wallet at all times. 

These digital assets have been proven over time to be a better payment method than cash because it makes users focused on their budget.

People buy gift cards for many reasons which include; making store transactions conveniently and gifting them as gift items to their loved ones during special occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. 

There are thousands of gift card brands sold mainly in the brand’s store but they can also be purchased from gift card online marketplaces such as Cardcash.

CardCash is a popular online gift card marketplace featuring different types of discounted gift cards which can be purchased or sold by users.

Given the high rate of online gift card scams in the industry, it is understandable if you have any doubts about any website or platform dealing with gift cards. 

Have you come across the CardCash platform but still  have some doubts and questions concerning whether CardCash is a legit or scam website

I have decided to help you with this investigation and write a review of my findings about the CardCash platform and its operation, as well as answer your question about CardCash being legit or a scam.

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What Is CardCash?

CardCash is an online gift card marketplace created by Elliot Bohm and COO Marc Ackerman in 2009. The platform provides an avenue for users to buy and sell discounted gift cards from various brands. 

Bohm and Ackerman were inspired to create CardCash after they were left with many unused gift cards after one holiday season, not just for them but for other consumers. Also, before when Cardcash was invented in 2009, a 2008 Consumer Reports Survey in the US found that about a quarter of gift card recipients do not use them and eventually lose them. 

CardCash is headquartered in Brick, New Jersey, USA and has been in the gift card business since 2009.

The platform has partnered with different brands to make discounted gift cards available to users as well as buy gift cards from users below the face value. Some partner retailers are; Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Uber, Starbucks etc.

There are no extra charges on the purchase of gift cards on CardCash, you will also be able to buy them cheaper than you may get elsewhere. 

Remember that CardCash offers discounted gift cards, so you will not get the full value of the card. CardCash in most cases will keep 8% or 10% of the card value while users pay for 90% or 92%. This also applies to selling gift cards on CardCash, users can only sell the card below face value and get about 90% of the cash value or another gift card.

Using CardCash allows users to buy gift cards in large quantities (bulk gift cards) and at a reduced price and also sell below face value when they don’t need them anymore. 

Is CardCash a Legitimate Service? 

Yes, I can confidently tell you that the platform is real and reliable. If your worry is about being scammed, there’s nothing at all to worry about.

The platform has attracted millions of users over the years and was also named one of Forbes’ Most Promising Companies.

Many big media platforms like Bloomberg, CNN and New York Times have all featured CardCash in their publication at some point.

From the numerous reviews given by users online, CardCash is that platform you don’t want to miss. 

Most users affirm that the platform is quite user-friendly, coupled with fast payout time and delivery of gift cards. According to others, the platform offers significantly good rates on gift cards which makes them a good option to purchase a discounted gift card. Customer support is also very active and swift.

 Why You May Want To Use CardCash

CardCash has a lot of benefits attached to it when you decide to make it your online gift card marketplace. 

If you need to buy bulk gift cards for your employees or students, CardCash is your best shot to get gift cards from good brands and even at discounted prices. 

You can also sell gift cards below face value and get paid in cash instantly or you can choose to swap for another gift card.

CardCash features a wide range of gift cards for users to choose from, giving them a large pool of choices.

CardCash does not charge a shipping fee on any of its gift cards, the platform is available to USA citizens only for now.

CardCash offers good users more for their money. In other words, the platform gives good rates for buying or selling gift cards.

Why CardCash May Not Be For You

Some of the disadvantages of using CardCash are the misleading partner websites listed on CardCash that advertise more discount rates than they actually give.

Another one is the 45 days buyer protection guarantee given by CardCash. It’s quite poor when compared to other online gift card marketplaces like Raise where guarantees are given for about one year.

How to Use CardCash

There are two major things CardCash are used for. One is selling unused gift cards and the other is buying discounted gift cards. 

CardCash features gift card retailers from where users can easily get discounted gift cards of their choice. The platform also gives room for bulk buying of gift cards.

Users can also sell unused gift cards on CardCash at a reduced price and get paid in cash or traded for another gift card.

The first step to getting started is to visit the CardCash platform and register.

When you log in, click on the menu and choose either “buy gift cards” or “sell gift cards” to continue with the trade.

You can buy gift cards on CardCash using credit/debit cards, Paypal or crypto. 


CardCash remains one of the best online gift card marketplaces to get discounted gift cards and sell unused gift cards as well. You can get any brand of gift card you want from CardCash due to the wide range of gift card brands listed on the platform. Even if you do not want to sell your unused gift card for cash, you have the option of swapping it for another gift card. 

If you are looking for a good gift card marketplace to sell or purchase gift cards, then CardCash is not a bad idea.