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You may convert any cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), etc. to your preferred fiat currency, such as the naira, dollar, euro, or pounds, in real-time. Convert currencies, edit the converter by adding or removing currencies, and view online exchange rates. To see conversion results for all the coins in the converter, enter the desired amount in the currency area.

Often, crypto charts and prices are widely shown in USD using a converter. When thinking about cryptocurrencies, the cost of Bitcoin stands out as the most interesting statistic. Utilising a Bitcoin converter, you can compare the price of Bitcoin to that of Naira (NGN).

You may convert any money using a real-time cryptocurrency converter; input the desired amount in the Bitcoin field to view the results. By adding or subtracting various currencies, you can change this converter.

The default converter selections in Nigeria are always in Naira, which corresponds with the dollar value. The most common method of converting Bitcoin to US dollars is in US dollars. You can quickly examine the history and trends of the pair by viewing the BTC/NGN charts alongside the cryptocurrency converter.

The current market price of Bitcoin is constantly updated with an automatic source in US dollars. So Bitcoin prices in Naira are based on their corresponding US dollar exchange rates.

Cryptocurrency purchases, sales, and trading can be challenging. There are market orders, stop-limits, candlesticks, various coloured lines, and order books, but no buy or sell button can be found. Users require a feature that enables them to trade tokens at the same rate as the swiftness with which the cryptocurrency market operates.

You may quickly and conveniently convert your Bitcoin for Naira with just one click using a converter which offers a simple method to convert cryptocurrency for fiat currency.

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In contrast to spot trading, a converter offers quick crypto conversions through a straightforward interface. Whether you’re a casual retail user or an experienced crypto trader, skip the complicated tools and obtain your favorite cryptocurrency fee-free in the right amount.

Why Use A BTC/NGN Converter?

1. Flexibility

If you get a suitable crypto trading pair for your holdings, platforms like Prestmit support token combinations.

2. Zero Fees

Using a converter does not incur a single trading fee. You can use the feature at any time you desire with no restrictions.

3. Avoid Slippage

Your buy and sell orders may not execute at the price you want since Bitcoin trades quickly for large-scale traders. All transactions are promptly processed using a converter, regardless of transaction depth, by the given ratio. Choose Bitcoin and the Naira conversion option. In only a few seconds, you may find the Naira equivalent of your Bitcoin by previewing and verifying the quote. If the quote doesn’t meet your demands, you can even reload it.

How To Use A Converter In Nigeria

You can use the Prestmit online Bitcoin calculator to determine the exact value of your Bitcoin in Nigeria Naira (NGN). Prestmit uses real-time exchange rates

1. On the website, navigate to “Sell Bitcoin.”

2. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell.

3. Click on “Check Rate” to know the naira equivalent of your Bitcoin.

Ways To Easily Convert BTC To NGN In Nigeria

The Naira (NGN) is one of the many ways traders can convert cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to fiat currency. It is essential now that several nations are introducing anti-crypto regulations.

1. Selling Bitcoin Online Via Direct Trade

The most popular method of trading Bitcoin is selling it online, which is quick and secure but may incur a small fee from the trading site you used.

You can sell Bitcoin in Nigeria on exchanges without risk, notably on peer-to-peer (P2P) services. You will be approached by possible purchasers looking to trade coins once you open a deal.

On some websites, using their services requires registering as a buyer or seller. Registration is quick and easy; you’d need to verify your identification.

Once you’ve signed up, you can make an offer saying you wish to sell, and the website will notify you when a buyer requests to trade with you. After then, the buyer is the one with whom you interact, but you finish the transaction online.

2. Selling Bitcoin Online Using Crypto Exchanges

Crypto exchanges hold the funds of everyone, which serve as an intermediary.

Similar to placing a purchase order, you put a “sell order” in which you specify the volume (amount), the type of currency (such as Bitcoin), and the price per unit you desire to sell.

The exchange will complete the transaction once a buyer issues a matching buy order. The crypto exchange will credit your account with NGN.

3. Selling Bitcoin In Person

You can easily do this by collecting cash in hand and scanning a QR code with someone else’s phone. If you use this technique, make sure to carry out the exchange in a secure location and to check the price for a few seconds before completing the transaction. Bitcoin’s price fluctuates a lot.


Using a Bitcoin (BTC) to Nigeria naira (NGN) converter is essential for every Bitcoin trader to stay afloat with the unstable prices of the coin in the crypto market. To this end, you can trust Prestmit’s BTC/NGN converter to give you the real-time exchange rate of Bitcoin in Nigeria.

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