Giving a gift card to a loved one this holiday season may make you feel as if you took the easy route but don’t be too anxious because studies have shown that people always prefer gift cards over gifts or cash and almost everyone says that’s exactly what they want this year.

Gifting people with gift cards will give them the power to choose what they want, from multiple options instead of you choosing on their behalf.

You may also be bothered by what gift card you should buy . Well, you should think about where the person you’re giving the card to likes to shop.

Do not worry, we have compiled the list of the 10 best gift cards you can share with friends and family for the 2021 Christmas season.

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Here Are The 10 Best Gift Cards For Christmas 2021

1. Target

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You can choose from a variety of festive designs and have your gift card mailed, emailed, or texted to you for a minimum purchase of $5. You can even schedule it to be sent later, perhaps on Christmas.

2. Amazon



You can buy almost anything on Amazon, a gift card to a major retailer is an excellent present for anyone on your list. You can choose to have your e-gift card emailed or texted to them. This will give them access to a plethora of products on the Amazon store, including electronics, dresses, musical instruments, and so on.

3. Google Play Card

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Buy Google Play Card

There are a plethora of options for your loved one to purchase with a Google Play gift card this holiday season, ranging from movies to audiobooks to TV shows to apps. If you’re looking for the best gift card for them, a Google Play gift card might be a good option.

4. iTunes

itunes giftcard



Do you want to give them something special to spice up their apple products like iPhones, iPods, and the rest? Then sending an iTunes gift card will be a great idea. ITunes card will only grant them access to the iTunes store where they can buy music, movies, and apps. Isn’t it a gift for Xmas?

5. Starbucks



You may not be there every morning, but this is one of the easier ways to buy them a hot cup of coffee each day. There’s also a gift card for Dunking if that’s their preferred caffeine source.

6. Spotify



They probably already have a Spotify account but this gift card will give them unlimited access and an amazing experience,  void of all those ads that could seem annoying sometimes. A Spotify gift card allows you finance some months of something they love and cherish. Isn’t it an amazing way to keep yourself close to their hearts this season?

7. Sephora



Buy a Sephora gift card

They probably have their personal beauty favorites already. This will just help them cringe this season. Sephora gift card is a good idea to make that happen this Christmas season.

8. Nordstrom

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Nordstrom has something for everyone, including designer clothing for men, women, and children, a well as high-end home goods. The minimum gift card amount is $5, and you can choose to send an e-gift card or a physical card in the mail.

9. Etsy

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There’s no shortage of creative and hand-crafted items to shop at Etsy, whether they’re looking for gorgeous handmade jewelry or unique home decoration. You have the option of having it emailed to your recipient or have a printable version emailed to yourself. 

10. Best Buy


Best Buy

Gift them a gift card for all conceivable forms of tech, home appliances, and more. Best Buy gift card will be a good thought for this.

There are so many other gift cards that can be considered a very good fit for this Christmas season’s tradition of gifting. This article, however, highlighted only 10 out of hundreds of gift cards out there based on Prestmit’s survey using the criteria of popularity, the shopping experience at the retailer, and the shipping cost of the card.