eGift cardsHappy Valentine’s day to the lovers, to the ones who sacrifice for the happiness of others. Happy Valentine to you, the ones who are racking their brains as to what kind of gifts to get for their loved ones. Being stuck at work on February 14th can be worse if you haven’t gotten your better half of their gifts. But hey, have no fear, gift cards to the rescue. Not just gift cards but eGift cards. In this article, I want to help you identify the best e-gift cards for Valentine’s day.  But first of all, I know you might be wondering what an eGift card is. Well, find your answers below.

What is an eGift Card?

Thinking of what kind of gift to send to your loved one at short notice? Think no further than an eGift card. eGift cards or Electronic gift cards are regular gift cards that exist only in digital form. They are purchased online and delivered to the email of the receiver.

eGift cards are not actually physical cards rather they are gift card numbers that would be used to make payments online. The fact that the world is going digital makes eGift cards the next big thing in gifts giving. Research shows that by 2025, the use of digital gift cards (another name for eGift cards) by businesses will go up by 23%. Digital cards are already a favourite for holiday shoppers as gift cards statistics show that in December 2020 their sales went up by 106.2% per retailer.

So why are people getting comfy with electronic gift cards? The regular answer to this question will be “because it is delivered online” but there are more advantages that come with them. 

Advantages Of Using Digital Gift Cards

My personal view is that electronic gift cards are eventually going to take over the gift card industry. These unique attributes buttresses my stance on the future of digital prepaid card:

  • You Can Send Them At Anytime

Electronic gift cards can be sent at any time of the day as long as the sender has a digital device that is connected to the internet. This quality gives it an edge over physical gift cards. No wonder holiday shoppers see them as the go-to type of gift card.

  • Email Deliverance Helps Save Time

The fact that they are delivered to the receiver’s email makes it a time saver. What do I mean? Imagine buying a physical Valentine gift card at the last hours of the day and it still has to be transported to the receiver’s location. The delivery would eat up more time than a digital delivery which will take a few minutes. 

  • They Can’t Be Lost

Unlike physical gift cards, digital gift cards can’t be lost. This is because they are online and can be accessed once the owner can gain access to their email box.

How to Buy Electronic Gift Cards Online

There are two major ways to buy electronic gift cards and this is by going through the gift card issuer’s website or through independent online gift card sellers

To buy from the issuer’s site you have to go to the gift card section of the site and choose the eGift card option. Almost every brand of gift card has an eGift card version.

Here are a few independent online gift card sellers you can buy eGift cards from:


Electronic gift cards are very effective gift options just like regular physical gift cards as they let the recipient get exactly what they want.

I had this female friend back when I worked a regular 9-5 job; she always complained about how she had to give out gifts she received because she didn’t like them. And I wondered how the purpose of those gifts had been defeated. But with eGift cards and gift cards in general this will never be the case.

Even when eGift cards aren’t used to redeem gift items they can still be sold for cash or cryptocurrency. How? Read on to find out.

How To Sell eGift Cards For Cash Or Crypto

So what happens when you receive a gift card you can’t use? Maybe because you were given an eGift card by someone in the USA, but you live in Nigeria or Ghana. Regular gift card traders already know that several gift cards are not usable in West African countries. Due to this problem, gift card exchange platforms like have made it possible to trade gift cards for cash or cryptocurrency.

How To Sell eGift Cards Online Instantly.

To sell your digital gift card online, you will have to create an account on a gift card trading platform. After that, you proceed to trade. You have to pick what currency you want to be paid in at your cashout point. 

Before trading, you must confirm if the exchange platform offers crypto as a payment option. It is also important for the platform to have a Rate Calculator so that you can check your gift card rates.

Here are a few eGift card trading platforms you can trade on safely and at high rates:


Now that we know the ABC of eGift cards let us find out the best eGift cards for Valentine’s day.

Top 10 eGift Cards For Valentine’s Day

These brands of gift cards have been carefully selected based on the following criteria:

  • The accessibility of the digital cards (open-loop gift cards)
  • The variety of items you can get with the eGift cards. (Departmental store gift cards)
  • The quality of goods/services you can get from the stores.

That being said, here are the best brands of electronic gift cards to tell your loved ones how you feel about them:

  1. Nordstrom 
  2. Levi’s 
  3. Sephora 
  4. Netflix 
  5. Disney +
  6. Amazon 
  7. Visa 
  8. Mastercard 
  9. Macy’s 
  10. American Express 


So there is no need for a made-up excuse as to why you didn’t get him or her a gift this Valentine, just send them an eGift card. Now you have 10 of them to choose from. Good luck as you do and happy Valentine’s day once again.