Gift Cards Trader in Nigeria

Best App To Sell Google Play Gift Card In Nigeria

Gift cards are quickly gaining traction in the financial sector. The uses of gift cards are similar to those of traditional prepaid debit and credit cards, which are used for in-store and online purchases. However, there are some differences between gift cards and prepaid debit and credit cards.

Companies like Google Play, sell gift cards to advertise their brand and attract more sales, while customers buy Google Play Gift Cards to avoid the extra charges on normal bank cards, gain easy access to the Google Play Store and get some products at discounted prices.

The options available to Google Play Gift Card holders are limitless. They have the option of using the Google Play Gift Card to make purchases at the Google Play Store or selling them for cash, Bitcoins, and other cryptocurrencies.

This great opportunity has opened the door for some platforms to offer services such as buying Google Play Gift Cards from consumers at a set price and compensating them in cash or cryptocurrency.

In recent years, many trading apps for this industry have emerged in Nigeria, some of which are completely fraudulent, others are not quite dubious but are ridden with low-quality services while a few others offer the best of services. This article has revealed the best platform in Nigeria for selling Google Play Gift Card.

What Is Google Play Gift Card

Google Play Gift Cards have preloaded gift cards that may be used to buy any digital content on the Google Play Store, such as games, movies, apps, and music.

Google Play Gift Cards are designed to assist gift-givers in finding the ideal present for their Android device recipients. The beneficiaries can then use the Google Play card to buy whatever they want from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Gift Cards, like many other brands of gift cards, are available in two formats: Google Play Gift Card (plastic card) and Google Play e-Gift Card. Buyers can select which of the two they prefer, although it is recommended that they purchase the Google Play e-Gift Card to avoid any additional expenses that may be paid due to shipping costs.

Google Play Gift Cards are available in denominations ranging from $5 to $500.

Best App To Sell Google Play Gift Card In Nigeria

There are a plethora of gift card trading apps available online. It’s understandable if gift card holders are still hesitant to sell their cards or are unsure which app is the most trustworthy and reliable. When consumers try to swap their gift card for cash via the improper app, they face the following difficulties:

  • Exchanging currency at an extremely cheap rate/cost
  • Trading losses with fraudulent merchants

The concern is, how and where can I convert my Google Play Gift Card into instant naira without getting cheated and while still getting the best deals? The best and most trustworthy gift card trading app in Nigeria is Prestmit.

The Prestmit App has recently served over 100,000 Nigerians. Providing the most dependable gift card trading services at the most competitive prices.

Prestmit is a gift card trading app that allows you to buy and sell digital assets such as gift cards, bitcoins, USDT, litecoins, dogecoins, airtime, and data top-up. Payment options include Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin, and USDT. Prestmit app provides services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and customer support representatives are always accessible to assist you. The app may be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Now is the time to download and explore a new universe.

Features Of The Prestmit App

1. Live Chat:

Prestmit has a live chat function on the app that allows customers to engage with customer support agents and file concerns.

2. Completely Secure:

Nobody wants to conduct business on an app where their personal information is susceptible to scammers and other cybercriminals. Prestmit is a security-focused program that can withstand any cyber-attack.

3. Multiple Payment Options;

Prestmit does not restrict Gift Card merchants to accepting payments from a single payment method. Users of the Prestmit app can choose to pay for their Gift Cards with cash transfers (Naira and Cedis), Bitcoin, or USDT.

4. Sweet Rates:

Prestmit is the finest software to sell your Gift Cards in Nigeria because of its competitive rates. Prestmit’s app offers such enticing rates that you will never be able to refuse them.

5. Instant Payment:

Prestmit’s rapid payment is another reason why it should be the first app that springs to mind when it comes to Gift Card exchanging. With the Prestmit app, you can rest confident that your payment will be made to your account immediately and without any delays.

6. Fantastic user interface: 

The Prestmit app features a fantastic user experience that is extremely simple to browse. Unlike other trading apps, the Prestmit app will not interrupt your time on the app with needless adverts or glitches.

7. Keep track of your transactions: 

The Prestmit app also has a feature that allows you to see your transaction history. You can always retrieve your transaction history whenever you need it, whether for reference or as proof to another user.

Simple Means Of Trading Google Play Gift Card On Prestmit

Trading Gift Cards on Prestmit is a straightforward process. It entails the following steps:

  1. Download and sign up for the app on the Play Store.
  2. Choose the type of gift card you have and the amount you want to put on it.
  3. Select a method of payment: You can be paid in Naira, Bitcoins, Cedis, or USDT when you trade gift cards on Prestmit.
  4. If you select BITCOIN or USDT, you will be asked to input your payout address, which will be used to transfer your payment once the transaction is complete.
  5. Send the transaction for processing.
  6. Allow a few minutes for the trade status to be updated by an administrator.
  7. When the transaction status changes, you will be notified by push notifications and email.

All transactions are completed instantly. Naira payments can be made at any Nigerian bank. MOMO (Mobile Money) or any other financial institution can accept Cedis GHS payments.

Rate Of Google Play Gift Card On Prestmit

It’s critical to realize that Google Play Gift Cards come in a variety of categories and monetary levels. There is no set rate for Google Play Gift Cards, but the Permit app,  which specializes in gift card trading, has a rate calculator feature. This tool calculates the value of the gift card based on the current and best gift card rates in Nigeria.

Check the automated rate calculator for the rate of any type and amount of Google Play Gift Card you wish to buy.


The Prestmit app is available on both the Google and iOS play stores, as we’ve seen. When you use the Prestmit app to sell your gift card, you can be confident of a quick and secure transaction.