Gift Cards are rapidly growing to hold a strong recognition in the financial world today. Just like the conventional prepaid debit and credit cards which serve the purpose of in-store and online purchases, the uses of gift cards are not so different, though there are some differences between gift cards and prepaid debit and credit cards.

It is safe to say that gift cards offer a lot of benefits to both businesses and their customers. While companies sell gift cards to advertise their brands and attract more sales, customers buy gift cards to evade the extra charges on normal bank cards and also get some products at discounted prices.

The options available to gift card users can never be exhausted. They can choose to use the gift cards for purchases on the affiliated store or even sell them to get back cash, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. This has created an avenue for some platforms to render the services of buying gift cards from people at a certain rate, rewarding them in cash or cryptocurrencies.

Many platforms for this business have unfolded in Nigeria in the past years, while some are totally dubious, some are not dubious but of low-quality services. This article has highlighted the best platform where you can sell your gift card in Nigeria this 2022.

Prestmit app

Best App To Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria 2022

What makes an app good for the sale of gift cards? This question should ring in your mind each time you think of a good app to sell gift cards. However, to consider an app the best to sell gift cards, you should consider the app’s user interface and experience, speed, reliability, ease of transaction, payment options etc.

In Nigeria, Prestmit is the number one app to sell any brand of gift card. If the name “Prestmit” sounds strange to you,  I’m afraid, you have been oblivious of the best gift card trading platform in Nigeria.

Prestmit is a gift card trading app where  various digital assets like gift cards, bitcoins, USDT, litecoins, dogecoins are traded and payment is made, using different options like Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin & USDT. Prestmit app offers 24/7 services and customer support agents that are always available to respond to you. The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store as well. Download now and experience a new world.

Why You Should Use Prestmit in 2022

There are numerous reasons why Prestmit is the best app for you. Few of them include;

  • Always Available:

The Prestmit app and team are always available to help you execute your trade and resolve your complaints.

  • Instant Payment: 

Payment for trades on this app are rewarded instantly. There is no room for delay on the Prestmit platform.

  • Multiple Payment Options: 

The platform offers multiple options for your payment, bank wire transfer, Bitcoin, USDT etc

  • Fast Transactions: 

Transactions on Prestmit are super fast, as everything is processed immediately.

  • Easy To Use: 

The Prestmit is user friendly such that even a child can find his way around the platform.

  • Delightful Experience: 

One of the big objectives of Prestmit is to offer every user a delightful experience through the tools and services on the platform.

Maybe you have fallen victim to scammers a couple of times in the past or you’ve been frustrated for ages by some slow and non-consistent apps in the past, try Prestmit today and change your story.