Best App For Trading Bitcoin In Ghana

The birth of cryptocurrencies can be traced to the invention of Bitcoin in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym for whoever penned the original Bitcoin whitepaper. Even though thousands of other cryptocurrencies have been invented after Bitcoin, till today, Bitcoin is referred to as the King of all coins.

The market capitalization and the price of this coin are undoubtedly the highest among other coins.

Given the volatile nature of Bitcoin, it has offered an opportunity for crypto traders to utilize the volatility to their advantage by trading Bitcoin when it is favourable.

A good time to buy Bitcoin is why the price is low and a good time to sell is when the price has increased substantially.

Bitcoin trading can never be executed in the streets or the Alaba international marketplace. Since Bitcoin is a digital decentralized currency, it is only best to trade it on a digital platform. 

On a digital platform where cryptocurrency trades are executed, the rate for each coin is given. Hence, in choosing the best platform for trading Bitcoin in Ghana, one must consider among other things, the rate given by such a platform. 

We will discuss the best app for trading your Bitcoin in this article.

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What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is not so different from the fiat currencies you know, such as Naira, Dollar, and Euro. The most distinguishing feature between Bitcoin and fiat money is that Bitcoin is a digital currency which can not be seen or felt and is also not controlled by any third-party involvement in the financial activities.

Bitcoin was birthed in 2009 by a group of developers who are anonymously called Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin is a digital currency which acts like money used as a medium of exchange which is not controlled by any central government or any third-party intervention. 

Blockchain miners are also rewarded with Bitcoin for the work done to verify transactions. 

Bitcoin is inarguably the most popular cryptocurrency in the world whose invention has inspired the creation of thousands of other cryptocurrencies.

Best App For Trading Bitcoin In Ghana

Ghanaians have a large populace of Bitcoin traders who trade a great volume of the most revered cryptocurrency daily. However, it is not enough to trade Bitcoin on any app because while some apps have better offers for crypto traders, others may just be there to rip off their scarce crypto assets or offer the worst service

The best app to trade Bitcoin in Ghana is the Prestmit app. 

Haven’t heard of the Prestmit app? Maybe you have not been in Ghana for long or you’re new to the Bitcoin trading business. Regardless, the Prestmit remains the number crypto trading app, not just in Ghana but in Africa as a whole. 

Prestmit offers traders a very competitive rate on all cryptocoins, maximum security of their assets, instant payment and good customer service.

Let’s take a little ride on the features you will enjoy on the Prestmit app while trading Bitcoin for Cedis in Ghana. 

Features Of The Prestmit Bitcoin Trading App 

The features Bitcoin traders can enjoy on the Prestmit app are numerous but not limited to the following;

1. High Rates: 

Bitcoin rates are quite volatile but even at that, traders desire to engage in apps that offer the best rates in the market. Prestmit app is quite popular for a high rate policy on Bitcoin trading. The Prestmit platform believes in customer satisfaction, therefore, rewarding users with a monetary equivalence of their digital assets. 

The app has an automated rate calculator which helps users to calculate the current value of their Bitcoin.

2. Security:

If you can think of a very secure app with the best security backup, then it should Prestmit. The security of users’ digital assets is the priority of the platform. The platform is cyber-attack proof to any form of hack or cyber-attacks targeted to steal users’ details or assets.

If you are trading on Prestmit, you need not be scared of losing your asset or exposing them to threats.

3. Fast Payment:

Payment on the Prestmit app is very fast and instant. In worst cases, it’s less than 5 minutes. 

This single iconic trait of fast Payment distinguishes Prestmit from other trading platforms. Millions of users subscribed to the app because of the instant payment policy.

4. Live Chat: 

In order to speed up the customer service for users, the platform has inculcated a live chat feature on the app. Traders need not get worked up over any confusion or technical problem while trading on the app. They can just click on the live chat icon and start up a conversation with any customer agents who are always ready to assist.

5. Easy To Use:

The app is quite easy to use and understand.  The user interface is the best of all and it gives users the best experience they can think of. 

It was designed to encompass people of all levels of technological know-how.

6. Multiple Payment Options:

Remember you can also trade gift cards and other cryptos like Litecoin, Dogecoin and USDT on Prestmit. Payments for trading these assets are not just limited to Cedis alone. You can trade gift cards on Prestmit and get paid in Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin and USDT.

How To Trade Bitcoin In Ghana

Do you want to learn the best and easiest way to trade Bitcoin in Ghana? 

With these few steps, followed correctly, you can trade Bitcoin for Cedis in less than five minutes.

  1. Download the Prestmit app from Google Play Store or Apple Store .
  2. Launch the app and click on “Sell Cryptocurrency
  3. Click on “Sell BTC”
  4. Generate a “Prestmit BTC Wallet“: Every user of Prestmit gets a Bitcoin wallet after setting up the app.
  5. Send Bitcoins: When you send Bitcoin to the Prestmit BTC wallet address you generated, it gets converted to its Cedis equivalent and is credited to your Prestmit Cedis wallet. 
  6. Wait for three confirmations and you’ll get paid to your Cedis wallet. You can withdraw this to your personal account later.


Given the knowledge of this article, you will realise that trading Bitcoin for Cedis in Ghana is not difficult after all. Cryptocurrency trading experience largely depends on the platform on which one is trading on.

Prestmit app continues to devise more advanced means of making Bitcoin trading easier. traders.


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