Electricity is important in our daily life activities such that in this age and time, we can hardly function properly without electricity.

Apart from the light it supplies on our light bulbs, most of our home appliances are electronic appliances which need to be powered by electricity. You can’t watch your TV, use your washing machine, electric pots and kettles, blender, AC and many others without electricity. 

It is safe to say that our life will be so boring without electricity. The joy you feel with a complimenting muttering sound of “Up NEPA” whenever light comes is a testament to the necessity of electricity.

In Nigeria, Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) supply electricity nationwide. 

Before now, paying for your electricity token to the DisCos was more of a herculean task because you are required to be physically present in the DisCos’ office, hence, a lot of time and money is wasted.

Now, you can buy electricity tokens online through some online platforms that offer electricity bill-paying services. This will not only save you the stress of going to a DisCos office, it will save you time and money because the process is faster and easier.

Here we’re going to look at the top 10 websites where you can buy electricity online in Nigeria.

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Overview of Online Electricity Purchase in Nigeria

Traditionally, electricity purchases in Nigeria were done through the DisCos’ offices nationwide. This was a lot of stress for many people because of the inconvenience and the waste of time. 

There are about eleven DisCos in Nigeria areas across different regions to help in the smooth distribution of electricity. They are privately managed companies with a board of directors and management team.

 Some of these DisCos are Enugu Electricity Distribution Company(EEDC), Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC), Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company(PHED) etc.

Each of these companies offers the same electricity distribution and maintenance services depending on your location.

To mitigate the hardship people go through while paying for their electricity bills, some online sites have collaborated with DisCos to offer electricity bill payment services to users. We will discuss the top 10+ sites to buy electricity online in Nigeria.

 List Of The Top 10+ Sites to Buy Electricity Online in Nigeria

1. Prestmit: 

Prestmit is an online digital assets trading and bill payments site. You can buy electricity tokens for both prepaid and postpaid meters from all the DisCos in Nigeria. The site is quite fast and seamless for all your bill payments such as purchasing airtime and data, funding your betting account, buying Cable TV and trading gift cards and cryptocurrency for cash.

You can simply buy an electricity token from the Prestmit site through your online Prestmit wallet

Step-by-step guide on how to buy electricity on the Prestmit site

  • Visit the Prestmit site or download the app.
  • Click on “pay bills and buy airtime and data” 
  • Click”electricity bills” and choose between prepaid and postpaid.
  • Select your DisCos, meter number and the amount of electricity you want to buy.
  • Enter your phone number and pay instantly from your wallet. 

2. BuyPower:

This is one of the biggest and most popular websites for paying electricity bills in Nigeria. 

BuyPower.ng has some. amazing features that make it appealing to users. You only need to create an account with your mobile number before you can buy electricity.

The platform is available as a mobile app and a webpage. In case you’re out of the internet, they offer a USSD service to pay for your bills.

3. Quickteller:

Quickeller is an online payment device provider that also incorporates the payment of electricity bills. This platform enables people to pay for almost everything from the comfort of their homes.

Its user interface is quite appealing to users and you can customize the dashboard to set up recurring payments.

Quickteller is available as a webpage and also a mobile app (Android/IOS)

4. PayPower:

PayPower is another good and fast website where you can pay your electricity bill online from the comfort of your home. 

PayPower is known to be seamless and has a good user interface which makes it quite easy to use. 

This platform offers a wider range of DisCos from which you can buy electricity and also at affordable rates.

It is available as a webpage and also a mobile app for both Android and IOS.

5. JumiaPay:

You must be familiar with one of the biggest online retail platforms known as Jumia. The platform also incorporates a payment gateway called JumiaPay which offers very fast and easy electricity payment services for both prepaid and postpaid electricity bills.

You can register on Jumia to gain access to this feature if you’re not an existing customer.

JumiaPay has been a tested and trusted online payment platform that you can give a shot at.

6. iRecharge: 

iRecharge is an online platform that enables users to pay for both prepaid and postpaid electricity bills online. 

You can register and an e-wallet will be generated for you. You can fund your wallet with your card, bank transfer and bank deposit.

After funding your wallet, you can use the credit to pay electricity bills on the site. It is available as a mobile app on both Android and IOS.

7. KongaPay:

You must have heard of the online retail platform, Konga.com. KongaPay is a payment gateway that emanated from Konga.com which provides online bill payment services to users, including prepaid and postpaid electricity bill payments.

This platform has a good user interface which makes it very easy for users to navigate.

8. Vtpass: 

Vtpass is an online payment platform which seeks to create value by providing a seamless way of paying prepaid and postpaid electricity bills.

You don’t need much to get started on Vtpass, you only need to create an account using your email and mobile number.

You can use it for other bill payments such as airtime recharge, data, Cable TV etc.

9. Instantenergy:

Just like the name suggests, buying electricity on this site is instant.

With the use of Instantenergy platform, you can buy both postpaid and prepaid electricity bills seamlessly and quite fast. 

You need your phone or email address to get started. You can use this platform on both the webpage and mobile app versions.

10. Lumia:

Lumia is another online bill payment platform with a very simple interface. It offers users access to buy prepaid and postpaid electricity tokens from a wide variety of DisCos.

Customers often get rewarded with gifts and discounts for their loyalty.

It’s also available on Android and IOS mobile apps.


Electricity is one of the recipes for a good and comfortable life, hence the need for a constant electricity supply.

The websites mentioned in the article are reliable and well-known platforms where you can buy electricity online in Nigeria.