The relevance of gift cards to our buying behaviour can not be overemphasized as these digital assets give some level of convenience compared to cash and other payment methods. American Express (AMEX) gift card is one of the top gift cards that you can have to enjoy an array of gift card benefits. If you have this gift card, you need to know how to fix your AMEX gift card errors when a glitch arises.

AMEX gift cards, just like every other gift card serves as a means of payment – by redeeming the gift cards at designated stores that support the respective gift cards. One of the things you should know about AMEX gift cards is that you can use the gift card at different places like superstores, tourist destinations, clothing stores, etc. that support AMEX gift cards.

AMEX gift card


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Therefore, we can not undermine the value of having an AMEX gift card because of its wide-use option over other types of gift cards. AMEX gift card is issued by American Express (AMEX), an American multinational payment company that issues credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.

When you buy AMEX gift cards, you can be sure of using the card to meet the following purposes:

  • Shop conveniently with flexibility
  • Give AMEX gift cards to a loved one as a gift
  • Sell AMEX gift cards for cash

Above all, it is one thing to have an AMEX gift card, and it is another thing to use the AMEX gift card without any hassle optimally. This is why you need to know some common issues associated with AMEX gift cards and how to fix these issues.

Types Of AMEX Gift Card Errors

You may encounter some errors when redeeming your AMEX gift card, which pops up in the form of a message to notify you of an issue that needs to be resolved before you can successfully redeem AMEX gift cards.

1. Invalid Card Number Or PIN

This is often a common issue we encounter when we incorrectly enter our gift card number or PIN. AMEX gift card has a 15-digit number and a 4-digit PIN, all on the front of the gift card. When you wrongly enter any digits, you are bound to get an invalid card number error message.

For instance, a mistake may arise from entering “I” instead of “1” or typing “O” in place of “0”. This is also applicable to making a similar mistake in entering the gift card’s PIN.

2. Declined Transaction Due To Insufficient Balance

Insufficient AMEX gift card balance

You may encounter this error when you redeem an AMEX gift card already redeemed by another person. This would have emptied the value of the AMEX gift card. As such, it can no longer be used by anyone.

Another thing that may lead to this type of error is network downtime from the backend of AMEX, which would affect the redemption of AMEX gift cards at that particular time.

3. Technical Errors When Using The Gift Card Online

AMEX gift card technical error

You may be unable to redeem your AMEX gift card online when there is a technical issue with AMEX, the parent company that issues AMEX gift cards. You can try redeeming your AMEX gift card as often as possible, but the issue will persist. Therefore, this is not an error from you but a network downtime at AMEX.

4. Expired Gift Card

AMEX gift cards expire, and you can see the expiration date of the gift card imprinted on the front. What this means is that your AMEX gift card becomes invalid after the date on the card, and you will not be able to redeem the AMEX gift card after its validity period.

The expiration feature of AMEX gift cards can be likened to your credit cards which expire after the date set on them. You can check your ATM card and see its expiration date. So this is how AMEX gift cards work.

How To Fix AMEX Gift Card Errors

1. Check The Gift Card Balance

It is always important to check the AMEX gift card balance immediately after redeeming it. This ensures that the gift card’s value is added to your account. Sometimes, the redemption may not be successful, and unknowingly, you may have disposed of the card with the conviction that you have successfully redeemed your gift card.

Therefore, always check your gift card balance from time to time, especially when you just redeemed the gift card or made a payment with the AMEX gift card, to be sure of your balance.

2. Ensure The Card Number And PIN Are Correct

Your approach towards your gift card must be thorough. In essence, you must painstakingly enter the 15-digit card number of your AMEX gift card and the 4-digit PIN without adding space or using alphabets in between the digits.

It is also good to check and confirm that all the digits are correct and nothing is missed to avoid an invalid card number or PIN error.

3. Contact AMEX Customer Service

You may have to contact AMEX customer service if the issue persists after making all efforts from your end and all prove abortive. In this case, you may have to contact AMEX customer service your last resort, where you will expect your queries to be appropriately resolved.

For instance, you can contact the customer service team when you encounter a declined transaction with zero balance, albeit with the consideration of contacting your retailer first. If your retailer cannot fix the issue for you, you can proceed to complain to AMEX customer service.

4. Check The Expiry Date Of The Gift Card

As mentioned earlier, AMEX gift cards carry an expiration date like your ATM card – with the month and year imprinted on the gift card. So it is imperative to check the expiry date of your AMEX gift card to know when your gift card will become invalid.

Let’s take, for instance, that you have an AMEX gift card with an expiry date of 11/23. Your AMEX gift card is only valid until November 30, 2023. Therefore, you cannot use the gift card from December 1, 2023.

5. Request A Replacement Card If Necessary

You may have to request another AMEX gift card if you cannot redeem your gift card. It is possible that the gift card is fake or someone has already redeemed the gift card before you. Here, you may have to contact the retailer for another replacement because nobody wants to lose the value of his purchase.

Tips For Preventing AMEX Gift Card Errors

1. Keep Track Of The Balance On The Card

It is advisable to know the balance of your AMEX gift card from time to time when you use it. This is to prevent possible fraud and stay alert as the balance of your gift card is money in its form.

You may have to do this routine check anytime you use AMEX gift cards at restaurants, clothing stores or other retail outlets, where you must give the cashier your card number and PIN.

2. Be Cautious When Using The Gift Card Online

You must be proactive in taking some precautionary measures that would protect your AMEX gift card number and PIN from getting into the hands of scammers. This may be the case when you have an AMEX gift in your email. A possible hack into your email may lead to losing your gift card.

You need to be careful of the platform on which you sell your AMEX gift card when you want to do so. Fraudulent retailers are lurking around the gift card to prey on naive users. So it is important to sell your gift card on a reputable platform. Do you want to sell your AMEX gift card? I confidently recommend Prestmit as one of the best gift card trading platforms in Nigeria and Ghana, where you can sell AMEX gift cards for cash.

3. Check The Expiry Date Before Using The Card

Again, it is important to re-emphasize that AMEX gift cards expire, and they vividly have their respective expiration date imprinted on them. This must be the first thing you look out for when buying an AMEX gift card. You can not use an expired AMEX gift card.

Therefore, do not buy an AMEX gift card that is already expired or may expire before you redeem the gift card. Always project the time of using your AMEX gift card with the validity period of the AMEX gift card you want to buy.

4. Read The Terms And Conditions Before Using The Card

There are terms and conditions for every gift card which users must know before using the gift card. This is also peculiar to AMEX gift cards, in which you need to understand the terms of use to avoid losing the value of your gift card.

For instance, you can not transfer the balance of your AMEX gift card to another person, and you can not recharge your gift card after exhausting the balance on it. You can not also use your AMEX gift card after the expiration of its validity period.


AMEX gift cards have many uses that enable you to enjoy the best of your gift card. You can understand how the gift card works when you have a good knowledge of some common issues associated with redeeming AMEX gift cards, and you will not be able to lose the real value of your gift card when you know how to fix common issues of AMEX gift cards as highlighted above.

However, it is important to know how to use your AMEX gift card online, especially when you want to sell your AMEX gift card. You must ensure you sell your gift card on a credible platform like Prestmit, as we remain the best amongst our equals.