Bitcoins for cash

Buying and selling of cryptocurrency has created another money making avenue for people worldwide. It’s safe to say it is the new stock market and Bitcoins are the most valuable stock. In today’s crypto market a bitcoin is worth $51,420.50. If you Sell bitcoins for cash at the current rate is a profitable move to make now. This brings us to the big question, where can you sell bitcoins for cash in Ghana? 

There are a number of platforms online where you can sell bitcoins but a few of them tick all the boxes. It will be wise to do a background check on any platform you intend to use. Wondering how to spot a good platform to trade bitcoins in Ghana? Your thirst will be quenched as you read on.

Factors to Look out for before You Sell Bitcoins For Cash

The fact that bitcoins only exist in digital form makes it slightly difficult to identify reliable exchanges. Below are factors you should put into consideration before picking an exchange.

1. Before You Sell Bitcoins For Cash Check Reviews

Who is better to give advice on cryptocurrency exchanges than someone who has witnessed it. Look at how frequently people complain about or sing its praises. 

2. Make Sure it’s User Friendly

Once you log into a platform, it will be obvious from the get go to know how easy or hard to use. You do not want to spend the whole day trying to figure out the platform instead of trading.

3. Compare the Rates they Buy for

You are trying to make profit not get robbed, that being said, be sure to check bitcoins rates on

Here are 3 platforms you can trade on to turn bitcoins to cash in Ghana.

Best Crypto Exchanges to Sell Your Bitcoins In Ghana

1. Prestmit

User friendly, good rates, fast transaction speed, you get this and more when you sell bitcoins on Prestmit. Once you create an account on the platform you automatically get a bitcoin wallet. Another feature of the prestmit platform that makes it stand out from the rest is that there is no transaction fee. Yes, you sell free of charge. This is definitely one of the best platforms to sell bitcoins for cash in Ghana. It also allows mobile money and is secure.

2. Coinbase

Coinbase is another good option to trade your bitcoins in Ghana. They enable peer-to-peer trading, mobile money and it’s secure to trade on. 

3. Binance

Binance is the number one crypto exchange in the world. This platform is user friendly and performs all the services expected from an exchange platform for a fee. 

Now you know the top 3 platforms to sell your bitcoins in Ghana, so get to selling before there is a crash in price.