There has been a lot of buzz about NFTs these days which has made many earn a fortune. There have been enormous opportunities for creatives to make money through NFTs these days.

There have been some wildly successful NFT projects that have raised interest from general media and generated huge amounts of money in sales.

One of the biggest NFT projects today is the Bored Ape Yacht Club. It is a collection that has been a lot in the news. Besides the art, each of these 10.000 apes gives the owner access to a private Yacht Club.

Another is the sales of the portrait of a random & an old Nigerian drummer by a young Nigerian which became viral. This is an example of how NFTs are growing into more than digital art and have made many rich.

In this post, we’ll look at 10 NFT ideas to make money today. Before then, let’s dive a bit into in the world of NFTs.

What is an NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital asset whose value is not expressive of the other. Just as how cryptocurrencies operate, NFTs are based on blockchain, which is a digital ledger where the transactions of these assets are kept.

NFTS is comparatively new and intangible assets that are formed under digital artworks like images, GIFs, video clips, audio files, etc. In essence, it is the blockchain network that enables the availability of these digital arts in the marketplace.

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are nothing but the real deal in our world today. This is another form of earning some bulks through digital platforms.

NFT Ideas to make money in 2022

10 NFT Ideas To Make Money in 2022

As stated above, their are numerous ways of earning/making a fortune through the world of NFTs. For you not to be left behind, you need to look at these money making ventures via the non-fungible tokens.

1. Start an NFT Community

One of the brilliant ways to make money via NFT is to start an NFT business managing online communities for creators or creating one and monetizing it.

Many of the NFT collection has a huge online community. So the NFT enthusiasts are very familiar with participating in online communities as well as the business opportunity.

If you want to take this route to make money, then you need to know about these online communities. To start, you only need a laptop and be familiar with Discord (where the social community members meet).

2. Start an online course/business on NFTs

How NFT and cryptocurrency in general work is still not known to many people. In fact, less than 5% of the global population are into cryptocurrency. This means, their are opportunities for those to know about it to teach others who want to learn.

As the world of NFTs is something relatively new, it is still very easy to learn about it and share it with those who know very little about it (most people).

Once you have the knowledge, creating an NFT online course and distributing it is tremendously simple. There are numerous platforms that will help you create the course, distribute it and collect the money from sales.

As an artist or a developer, with your idea that is ready to be shared, you could earn $1m in a year. Whooping? well, you need to know your onions and get paid.

3. Start an influencer marketing business

The fact that crypto & NFTs are yet to be widely accepted makes it a good option to earn. Crypto such as DOGE as well as Non-fungible tokens have been made known via the work of celebrities & influencers such as Snoop Dogg, Elon Musk, Neymar Jnr. Falz, etc.

You might have not reached celebrity status, you can still be an influencer of NFT collections. This is doable by meeting the right audience on social media platforms. With influencer marketing strategy, you could earn close to $45k in a year.

4. Become an NFT artist

This is one of the most popular ways of earning via NFT. Creators from different fields have embraced this as an opportunity to earn big.

Your images, artworks, paintings, texts, and so on can make you a millionaire when you sell in an NFT marketplace. One of such marketplace is Opensea which is now worth $13.3B.

You need to know that the world is hungry for exciting NFT art right now, if you’re a creator this is probably one of the most favorable scenarios you will ever experience.

5. Start a blog about NFT

You could earn a fortune by starting your own blog with NFTs as the focus. Many people want to know about these NFTs and if your blog can tell the world about it, it’s a huge profit for you.

Believe it or not, it’s still early tostart a blog about NFTs and make money with it. All you need is a working computer and your knowledge put into writing for people.

6. Sell Music as NFTs

As a music artist, you can earn more when you have your work in NFTs. Some music artists are taking this opportunity by having their albums, singles or EPs in digital forms. This also help to prevent piracy as your work cannot be replicated.

Concert tickets, and others can be designed in NFTs for attendees. Collectibles, accessories for online avatars,.. the opportunities are endless.

7. Sell Fashion Accessories To Metaverse Users

Fashion is one of the things we cannot do without as human beings. NFTs has provided opportunity for those in the fashion industry to earn too.

Users of metaverse can spend money on NFT clothes and accessories for their avatars. Selling ‘virtual outfits’ through the metaverse is a way to earn for fashion entrepreneurs, brands & designers.

8. Start a NFT News Site

This is another way of spreading the information regarding NFT and get profits in return.  NFT news site such as WND, has been successful and you can also start yours.

This will go a farther length than your blog site and you could earn more.

9. Write a NFT Book

You can make money by writing a book about NFT. As an author of a book that comes from your idea about the world of non-fungible tokens, earning is certain.

Some of the earlier published books about NFTs include ”Dendy Cinemas”, ”BFI”, & ”Cryptoslam”.

10. Start a NFT Cryptocurrency

There are several NFT crypto projects out there among which is Decentraland, Bibox, NiceHash, etc. You’ll need to understand how to build your own crypto to earn this way.

If you’re taking this route to earn via NFTs, then you should learn about Nigeria’s SEC rules governing crypto.

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