If we asked you to quickly list 3 facts about Google Play gift cards, what would you say?

Gift cards, in general, are used to make purchases in different online and physical retail stores. They can come in two major forms; physical cards and digital codes( E-codes). Some of the most popular gift cards in the world today include; Amazon, Target, iTunes, eBay, American Express, Google Play gift cards and others. It is common knowledge among gift card users that the Google Play gift card is used to purchase apps, movies, games, and e-books on the Google Play Store, but outside these, there are still some important facts to note about the Google Play gift cards. 

So in this article, we’ll reveal 10 facts about Google Play gift cards that you may not know. Ready? Let’s go.

10 Facts About Google Play Gift Cards

Let’s play a little game of “Did you know…?”

See how many of these facts about Google Play gift cards you already know and learn the ones you didn’t know before.

1. It Can Only Be Used on the Google Play Store

 Anyone with a Google Play gift card can only use it to purchase digital content on the Google Play Store for Android devices. This means that the card has been programmed to give access to its users only on the Google Play Store. When you redeem the card, the credit is automatically applied to your account. You can check your balance online to keep track of how much you have left to spend on the Play Store.

2. Google Play Gift Cards Are Created in Two Formats

Google Play gift cards can either be physical cards or E-codes. The choice depends on the buyer, and while the redemption code is hidden on the coated area at the back of the physical card, the redemption code of the Google Play card in E-code format is always sent in through your email address. The physical cards look different from the digital cards. It’s advisable to familiarise yourself with the different pictures of Google Play gift cards to be able to identify a fake card. 

3. You Can’t Buy the Fortnite Game With Your Google Play Gift Card

If you’re a gamer, this fact will interest you greatly. The Fortnite game was launched on Android, but Epic Games decided to evade the 30% share accrued to the Google Play Store from their revenue. They didn’t see the need to display the Fortnite game on the Google Play Store because they didn’t think it would impact the game’s success. As a result, you can’t use your Google Play Card to buy this game. 

4. You Can’t Access Spotify Premium With Google Play Gift Card

Typically,  you can download the Spotify app from the Google Play Store, but using your Google Play gift card to upgrade to Spotify Premium is impossible. You will need to use a direct Spotify gift card for that purpose.

5. You Can Use it For Charity Donations.

Sometimes you may not need any new app or game, but the money on your card can impact lives positively. Android users can use their Google Play gift cards to donate money to charity organizations through the Google Play Store. This is a great way of giving back to society and the less privileged and a different way to use your Google Play gift cards.

6. You Can Buy Your Favourite Books and Movies

Are you a movie lover or an avid reader who loves keeping a series of movies or books in your library?

Well, you can use Google Play gift cards to purchase movies and books on the Google Play Store, which are automatically added to your digital library and from there, you can access them anytime, forever. 

7. The Physical Card is More Valuable Than E-code

For gift cards, there is a difference between physical cards and e-codes and codes though they all have the same function. When redeeming your Google Play gift cards, the physical card has a higher rate than the E-code format. For example, some platforms redeem at a rate of 390 for the physical card and 300 for the E-code format. One major reason for this disparity is that physical cards are much safer than e-codes. 

8. Supports Purchasing of Premium apps

Free apps can be annoying sometimes, given that they often come with lots of ads making them inconvenient to use sometimes. The developers allow agencies to display these ads on the app as a source of revenue.
However, to escape the hassles of these ads, you will need the premium version of the apps, and you can do that by paying for them with credit from gift cards like Google Play gift card.

9. You Can Convert it to Cash or Crypto.

Just like every other gift card, you can exchange your Google Play gift card for cash or crypto if you do not want to redeem it on the Google Play Store. Many platforms in Nigeria, such as Prestmit, are in the business of redeeming Google Play gift cards for cash, bitcoin, or USDT.

10. Google Play Gift Cards Do Not Expire.

This is probably one of the most amazing perks of this globally-used gift card. There is no expiration date for its use. Even if you use some of the credit, the balance will remain active and usable.
Some international gift cards expire, and this makes them somewhat limited. However, you can enjoy your Google Play gift cards whenever and for as long as the balance lasts. It’s a great quality for a gift card that you intend to gift someone.

FAQs About Google Play Gift Cards

What can Google Play gift cards be used for?

A: Anyone with a Google Play gift card can pay for apps, games, books, and movies from the Google Play store. The balance will be added to your Google Play account when you redeem the card. With it, you can access your favourite apps, movies and whatnot.

Where can I buy Google Play gift cards?

A: Google Play gift cards are sold by retailers online and in physical stores. Note that physical stores sell physical cards only. For ease, you can use an online retailer like Prestmit.

Do Google Play gift cards expire?

A: No. Google Play gift cards have no expiration dates. Your balance remains active and usable as long as the gift card remains uncompromised, especially if it is physical.

How much is a Google Play gift card in Nigeria?

A: Google Play gift cards have different rates depending on the exchange rate, the platform (retailer) and the value you want. To get the best rates, use the Prestmit Rate Calculator.


Before you go ahead to buy a Google Play gift card, it is crucial to understand and know as much as you can about it. Get to know how it works, what you can and can’t do with it, and other interesting facts. You should also read up on how to fix any errors with your Google Play gift card because they are quite common.

By reading this entire article, you’ll be up to speed on what you’re getting when you buy a Google Play gift card. Speaking of buying, you can get Google Play gift cards on Prestmit at rates you can’t refuse. Sign up or sign in to get your gift card in very few minutes.